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6 days ago

'Always fun to be out on the water sharing great condition with friends.' - couldn't have said it better ourselves! Cool edit from Gunnar Equipment…

4 weeks ago

North releases their new wing! Maximum performance, minimum effort. This balanced and reactive wing generates more forward drive and upwind performance than anything you've ever…

2 months ago

Broken board leash? Check out this video on how to use the wing to drag after your board. This is a brilliant idea from Gunnar…

5 months ago

Blake Olsen and Hilary Rose venture to the warm turquoise waters of Aruba to demo the new Lift Foils. Anyone else tempted to book some…

9 months ago

For Jalou Langeree, it's been all about surf foiling these past few weeks, and Holland has been delivering perfect conditions non-stop. She struggled a bit…

9 months ago

Who needs a tow-in when you've got a mate like Jesse Richman!

2 years ago

Towed through glacial canals by electric skateboards, just another road trip for North. Foil anything and anywhere with the fully modular North Sonar Foils. Find…