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4 months ago

Zane, making it look way too easy! Zane heads out for an afternoon sessionĀ out front with good friend and Professional SUP athlete Brennan Rose -…

2 years ago

Zane Kekoa hydrofoiling some lava reef breaks on his trip to Hawaii - Enjoy!

2 years ago

Join Team Starboard SUP downwind foiling session!

2 years ago

Enjoy 12 min of epic In-Zane footage - tough life mate!

2 years ago

It's always good to recap your knowledge and who better to do that with than the current 2x Ultimate Waterman Champion, 2016 ISA World Champion…

2 years ago

Watch these legends, they are guaranteed to brighten up your day! Zane Schweitzer Has some fun out in the Ocean with Abraham & Donica Shouse!…

2 years ago

Watch this if you want to start your morning with a smile! It's so good to see the kids getting involved at such a young…

3 years ago

Boom! Hawaiian waterman Zane Schweitzer has just released his new movie and it is incredible, with a deep philosophical look at the Hawaiian way of…

3 years ago

How good does this point break look in New Zealand? The competitors at the Ultimate Waterman got choppered in to compete on one of the…