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C4 Waterman

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4 years ago

Good to see Kai made it into this on his SUP at Jaws. Is this a sign that SUP is being accepted by the elite…

5 years ago

You've probably seen this before if you have an eye on the surfing world at all. This was published by Jamie O'Brien last year. However,…


Pioneer in the stand-up paddle surf industry designing paddles, SUP boards and all the accessories a waterman needs. More at Waterman owned and operated for over a decade, C4 Waterman is the original, dedicated, Standup Paddleboard. C4 was founded on the core four values of a waterman; Balance, Endurance, Strength and Tradition and holds true to these values over ten years later. A lot of people think that C4 is just a standup paddle brand... What we cherish is the Hawaiian value system, things like friendship and family. C4 stands for the core four values that we believe in: Balance, Endurance, Strength and Tradition. Balance is not just physical balance, it's mental balance, spiritual balance, and the roles we balance in life. Endurance: Being able to outlast challenges: physical, mental, economic. Strength and tradition go hand in hand. Strong tradition. Our background, in being from Hawaii, whether by blood or by heart, means that tradition is at the heart of what we portray. These values are what we are marketing, not boards. Respect the land, respect the ocean, friends, neighbors and community. It's not about flying a logo, it's about flying the core values and that's the message we want to spread to all in our extended ohana. Sport & recreation ££

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