Tried and Tested

We’ve got more wings, foils and boards on test this issue as we check out new products from F-ONE, AK Durable Supply Co and Ozone.

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Issue 8
Mon 24th May, 2021

Hopefully, you have been having some fun sessions on the water lately and enjoying everything the ocean has to offer us! In this issue, we look at ten reasons why we think wingsurfing will become the biggest watersport the world has ever seen. Jack Galloway chats to Adam Bennetts, the legendary surf foiler often touted as the world's best, plus Mark Shinn is back with more technical know-how in his finer points feature. Casper Steinfath takes on the Kattegat Sea in a crossing using just a foil, a board and a paddle; it is the stuff of Norse legend. We've also got tests, technique and a bunch of other features to keep you entertained! Be sure to check it out and share it with your friends!

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Issue 7
Wed 3rd Mar, 2021

It's been a tough winter for many of us, but warmer weather is on its way for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere! In this issue, we talk to four riders from different backgrounds who have united under a love of the wing. Casper Steinfath tells us how he's been handling the frigid waters of Denmark, and we chat to Wing Convert Brandon Scheid. Zane Schweitzer takes his wing to Jaws, and Glennel Morgan drops by to talk about her pregnant winging adventures. In addition to all that, we have tests and a bunch of other features to keep you entertained too! Be sure to check it out and share it with your friends!

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Issue 6
Mon 9th Nov, 2020

We’re back and relaunching Tonic Mag from the embers of SUP Tonic! This issue we focus on the rise of the wing and how it has grown so quickly in such a short time. We also paddle down a massive river, and chat to Olivia Jenkins and Mark Shinn. Willow River Tonkin goes shredding at Manawa in Mauritius without the tourists and we have loads more inside including tests, technique and you can win a GoPro 9! Be sure to check it out and share it with your friends!

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Issue 5
Tue 3rd Oct, 2017

As summer draws to a close in the Northern Hemisphere we have plenty of amazing articles, photographs and videos to keep you entertained! This issue we check out the stunning waves on offer in Siargao in the Philippines, legendary waterman Grant Twiggy Baker drops by for a chat and we check out some stunning paddle locations in Berlin, Copenhagen and the Arctic! Check it out!

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Issue 4
Thu 22nd Jun, 2017

It's our summer edition, and we have a stunning travel guide on paddleboarding in Rio, plus we give you ten reasons why you should get into SUP racing this summer! Bryn James has enlisted the help of some seriously talented River SUP experts for his technique section and Chantal and Ben are on hand with the SUP Yoga Technique too. We interview Patrice Chanzy, and there is a lot more inside too!

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Issue 3
Thu 9th Mar, 2017

Inside you’ll find Stephane Iralour taking on some monster swells in the Canary Islands as he discovers The Enchanted One. We talk to SUP racing legend Casper Steinfath about how the cold waters of Denmark have shaped his career while Raf Filippi takes on the wild waters of the French Alps. Kari Schibevaag paddles with orcas in Norway and there’s lots more inside too!

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