2 weeks ago

Gwen Le Tutour and Damien LeRoy chat to big-wave kitesurfer, surfer and now a wing foiler, Jesse Richman, as he shares his first experience on…

1 month ago

Evan Netsch, Damien Leroy and Gwen Le Tutour tow each other into some small waves and practice backflips, without their wings.

1 month ago

Damien Leroy and Gwen Le Tutor reveal their top 3 wing foiling spots in the United States mainland. Where's the best place YOU'VE been? Obviously,…

2 months ago

Moona Whyte and Keahi de Aboitiz take Cabrinha's H-series foil wings out to play around Maui's turquoise waters... If you haven't been out for a…

3 months ago

Check out  JD ‘FollowCam’ and the wingfoiling crew session in Maui!

3 months ago

Join Damien Leroy as he chats with Kelly all things wingfoiling, and why it is so attainable for a wide range of people! More and…

3 months ago

Check out the Foil Surf Racing League - The first hydrofoil endurance racing contest. Run, paddle, surf, foil, repeat! A foil surfing endurance race in…

3 months ago

Even the best fall down sometimes! Last weekend in Cocoa Beach, conditions were challenging with the low tide during the 2021 Foil Surf Race League.

3 months ago

We see videos of people getting hurt every day on the internet, but is wingfoiling really dangerous? Should you do it? Should your kids do…

3 months ago

If there's one person that can make windsurfing look flawless and effortless, it's Keahi de Aboitiz! Check out his summertime test runs on the final…

3 months ago

Kelly shares her wingfoiling journey with Damien Leroy. Needing some motivation? Watch this! Kelly started wing foiling a few months ago with zero experience on…

4 months ago

Surfing will always been seen as the purest of water based sports. It takes time to get get good and that commitment gives you rewards…

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Issue 6

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