Latest Wings Foils SUP Surf News

17 hours ago

This Throw Back Thursday is here for a few reasons. The first being to introduce or reintroduce you to the Takuma TK 40-45 in case…

20 hours ago

Naish have sent us a great prize this issue; enter the competition for your chance to win a Naish Matador!

23 hours ago

Cabrinha have some new kit and Damien, Gwen and Brodie are here to walk you through whats in coming from a brand that have been…

2 days ago

Another James Casey video where he really shows the appeal of wing foiling in waves, he even has the local surfers watching him. See more…

2 days ago

Wingfoiling is now officially a sport. Its featured in the teaser video for the coming GoPro 10. Although theres no confirmed details as of yet…

3 days ago

Winging has no doubtingly grown and with more and more people doing it there is more and more footage of people ripping, but how do…

4 days ago

This is the Electric Acid Surfboard Test with GoPro Athletes Mason and Coco Ho. The iconic Hawaiian sibling surf duo. We like to surf and…

4 days ago

One of the hardest things you can do on a foil is paddle up in flat water. Watch as Tomoko Okazaki gets it done in…

5 days ago

Nicole Boronat & Stephane Etienne wing in Mediterranean paradise with the rest of the Takuma crew! Looks like an awesome spot for it. A NICE…