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12 hours ago

Kai Lenny has just released this footage of the Jaws Challenge in 2017. First clip he gets caught inside, next clip features this incredibly close…

15 hours ago

DO NOT miss this! Foiling on the absolute edge of control on the enormous wave that is Belharra. This really is mesmerising viewing. Throwback to…

1 day ago

Just watching the intro is enough but this 23 minute edit is FULL of insane skimboarding skills! Mesmerising watching this level of skill for sure.…

2 days ago

Kai's big wave antics continue in Nazaré when he's invited to compete in the Gigantes de Nazaré competition. Watch as Kai and Lucas Chumbo Chianca…

2 days ago

Justine scores a barrel at Pe;ahi, Maui. This raw footage really shows the power and ferocity of Jaws!

2 days ago

Once upon a time in the Mediterranean sea. Super chilled beats & wing foil skills to match, check it out. Filmed by Arnaud Wareck

3 days ago

Foiling airs 101. Dylan Wichmann at home in South Africa putting on a hydrofoil school. Dylan is riding his Hyper 150. foiling foil surfing hydrofoiling…

3 days ago

SUP stroke technique is often overlooked. Even if you never do a race improving your technique will see benefits in all other areas of your…

4 days ago

Lift Foils has a #shorts series and this one is very very short! But we just had to share that sunset foiling shot! Our first…