Latest Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf News

14 hours ago

Paul Artzner testing out Sabfoils Razor Pro 775 + Piuma 86, highlighting its exceptional maneuverability. Watch how this foil performs effortlessly in low wind conditions...

1 day ago

Lucas Petroni is back in Bali, scoring one to remember, with Adam Bennetts behind the lens and Jay Button getting the drone shots!

1 day ago

Friday vibes with the Maui crew!

2 days ago

Nathan van Vuuren & James Leigh scored an epic session in Cape Town. Click here to watch the full video!

2 days ago

Caity Baxter in her element...

2 days ago

Viola Lippitsch summer sessions!

3 days ago

Nathan van Vuuren, Jake Rankin, and James Leigh team up for an epic session at a local break in Cape Town, South Africa, and it's...

4 days ago

Adam Bennetts and Jay Button have been perched on the point for the past few arvos, watchng everyone getting barreled ... This inspired them to...

5 days ago

Bruno Andre and Antonin Raffarin explain the design secrets of AFS Foils' latest ultra-light wind wing, The Diamond UL!