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9 hours ago

Weekend vibes with North's Fabian Muhmenthaler!

21 hours ago

03 Cabrinha Vision Wing has arrived! Vision is a word that can mean multiple things - It could be said that it relates to the…

3 days ago

What size board should you get if you want to get into surf foiling? Find out here!

4 days ago

In this first episode of their road trip series 'Exploring Scotland with the Family', Sam Light drives the NC500, and visits the Hebrides, kiting, winging,…

4 days ago

Adam Bennetts and James Jenkins foil from Namotu Lefts, around to Swimming Pools and finish at the Boathouse, totalling a 1.8km lap of the island…

4 days ago

Cabrinha's Special Agent is a freeride foilboard like no other. It has been freshly designed for riders wanting performance and simplicity in one easy-to-use foilboard.…

5 days ago

Welcome to the AFS Team Swan Habelt & Raipoe Chapelier, we can't wait to follow your Tahitian adventure! AFS - The Foiling Spirit since 2009…

5 days ago

The Generic Foiling Podcast Episode 15 Hanging out with Jake Kelsick is LIVE! Jake Kelsick is a professional kiteboarder, a long-term professional in the watersports…

5 days ago

Jack Galloway is the ultimate wake thief! Last May, Jack dock-started off the ladder at Studland to catch the Condor wake. The ferry only runs…