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9 hours ago

Three weeks, three events & three podiums - here's MaxWorld Ep.10! It's been a crazy three weeks of competition here in Brazil. Starting with a…

12 hours ago

jackfromtown enjoying a huge unexpected NE swell at the Kalapaki Bay Foilers Aloha contest!

18 hours ago

Beholz starts the day with a foil session, then a wingsurfing session, and finally, a freestyle session before heading home! Can you think of any…

1 day ago

During episode 27, Charlotte Consorti and her crew discover the Northern part of Mauritius, which has great kitesurfing and winging conditions - check it out!

2 days ago

Shark of Dolphin? We're going with Dolphin...

2 days ago

In response to three requests from Instagram users to review the newly released 935mm Performance mast, Olly Brunton has put together this review. It combines…

2 days ago

Would you give this a try? Kai Lenny recently got a 17-foot inflatable SUPsquatch, so he called up some friends, and they took it out…

3 days ago

In this episode of Court In The Act Free Ride Vlog, Tom Court teams up with Sam Light and scores a friendly session on the…

4 days ago

Titouan Galea talks us through F-ONE Rocket Wing, including its design, the shape of this foil and how he sees it. Find out more here!