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11 hours ago

Welcome to the Manera team, Justine Dupont! Justine is an energetic waterwoman, both versatile and a specialist. She's the surfer who broke all the records;…

14 hours ago

Roberto D'amico, Gony Zubizarreta, Marlon Lipke and Aritz Aranburu head to Sardinia, and even though the winds were insane, they still managed some pretty sweet…

1 day ago

Jacob Victorin's Under the surface - Take a 2 min break, and watch this!  

2 days ago

Thirteen-year-old Naomi Saenz is at it again, borrowing her brother's gear and foiling Kahana Bay, aka the chocolate factory. She's getting better and is working…

6 days ago

Are you ready for this?! Filmmakers Mike Bromley and Ryan Meichtry follow the Icelandic duo, photographer Elli Thor Magnusson and pro surfer Heidar Logi, into…

7 days ago

Legendary snowboarder, Travis Rice, took his Lift eFoil out for a winter ride and proves that any season is foil season!

1 week ago

Join Russ Bierke and Darcy Piper, as they head out into some isolated Aussie coast in search of some fun slabs. A welcome flashback to…

1 week ago

Blake Olsen and Hilary Huffman stroll through Cinco Bayou in Fort Walton Beach, FL on their Lift E-foils!

1 week ago

Brendon Gibbens joins the MANERA crew!┬áBrendon became accomplished in professional surfing in a humble and pure manner. With a deep love for South Africa and…