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1 hour ago

Tom Court has been working on a new project with Glyn Ovens, hydrofoiling Nazare, but for today, they hit Peniche to meet up with Craig…

1 day ago

After one of the longest no-wind stretches, the wind is back on Maui and this crew couldn't be more stoked!

1 day ago

Watch the whole crew including Olivia Jenkins, Jesse Richman, Kai Lenny and others ripping it at Jaws last weekend!

4 days ago

In the latest tutorial on the Duotone Wing Academy, Stefan Spiessberger demonstrates how to nail a Toeside jump - so if you're up for a…

5 days ago

Tom Court teams up with his good friend, Glyn Ovens, and head to one of the gnarliest big wave surfing locations; Nazaré. Nazare has become…

5 days ago

Even though Jack Rieder has only been kiteboarding for the past six years, his relationship with the oceans and lakes started long before that. Having…

5 days ago

Compact, rigid and durable - It's HERE - Slingshot's first lightweight, inflatable and packable wing foil board. Take the IFly board anywhere in its convenient…

6 days ago

F-ONE Strike 2 is OUT and it's so much more than a wing… A little over a year ago, wing foiling became a real sport…

1 week ago

Last December, the best riders gathered in Tarifa to conjure up a firework of freestyle moves one last time for the final GWA Wingfoil stop…