Latest Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf News

7 hours ago

For this week's #ThrowbackThursday we're watching 'This is Wing Surfing' by Kai Lenny!

13 hours ago

Slingshot's High Aspect Phantasm PTM 701 was explicitly built for speed. At 700cm2, it has a stable locked-in feel that encourages you to push it…

1 day ago

MANERA's passion is mixed with innovation; quality is always their priority. Watch their latest 'Core Principles' episode here. We don't follow trends or rush to…

1 day ago

Watch Titouan Galea ride some pretty nice waves around the island of Sal in Cabo Verde during the first wave event of the Wingfoil tour!…

2 days ago

If you struggle to carry your kit to the beach, this one's for you! Gwen le Tutour and Damien Leroy share their top 3 ways…

2 days ago

Big Wave Surfing has consequences; sometimes, you can't outrun the monster waves, and your Jet Ski gets destroyed on the rocks. Fortunately, there are amazing…

2 days ago

Ending an action-packed event in Cape Verde couldn't have been more exhilarating than with the FONE tow-in surf foil competition. The conditions at Ponta Preta…

3 days ago

AFS Foils Diamond, the latest addition to the AFS wing range - In this tech talk, Foil & Co CMO Antonin Raffarin explains the technical…

4 days ago

North's new 2023 Nova Performance Freeride - Master of the upwind, glide through tacks, float through gybes, and lofty jumps with bonus hangtime. Whatever goal…