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5 days ago

DO-IT-ALL: FREERIDE, FREESTYLE, WAVES—Find your FLOW state for rapid riding level improvement and easy freeride wingfoiling progression! FLUX DNA Sharing design DNA with the Flux,...

6 days ago

Exciting news! North launches Horizon Downwind / SUP / LW Wing Foilboard! When we look to the horizon, we ignite our desire for progress and...

7 days ago

Jeremy Wilmotte heads down to the last four hours of their Armstrong foils trip to Fiji with Oscar Johansson. The swell filled in overnight, and...

1 week ago

Quick tips for starting low volume Armstrong foils Wing FG boards and small HA foils. In this clip, Olly Brunton is using the Wing FG...

1 week ago

Quick tips for almost flat water sup foil: Start with small foils as training for downwind foil starts and glides. In this video, Olly Brunton...

1 week ago

Friday mornings like this...

2 weeks ago

A system is nothing without balance. In every aspect, from concept to section shape and fibre arrangement, the Performance Mast is balanced to deliver the...

2 weeks ago

1 foil, 4 wings - Discover AFS Foils new Evo range here! Discover the new range here.