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5 days ago

Premiering for the first time - Growing up near the Mediterranean, Eric Dargent fell in love with surfing at the age of 9. At the…

6 days ago

There are endless possibilities for freeride cruising, jumping, pumping, carving the flats, riding waves or ripping as fast as possible with Ozone's Apex V1 MA…

7 days ago

Here's Ben Beholz's latest vlog featuring the foil & kite session he's been craving and some top tips if you plan to visit Tarifa this…

1 week ago

Cabrinha's Mantis has become synonymous with its outstanding range and versatility. The wing performs amazingly in waves and on ocean downwinders, and it also proved…

1 week ago

Weekend vibes with Adam Bennetts scoring a glorious day in Byron Bay! Footage by Ben Tayler / Scott Gillespie

1 week ago

Over two years of development, CORE has released the first Wingfoil range! As Willow River Tonkin explains in this video, CORE spent countless hours testing…

1 week ago

Liam and Freddie are back and more hyped than ever for The Generic Foiling Podcast in 2023. The conditions lined up for a homespot session…

1 week ago

Fanatic's Sky Air is their travel-friendly version of their popular Sky Wing models with no compromise on comfort and riding sensations - all in a…

1 week ago

Cabrinha's all-new Hollow Mast system is yet another example of the state-of-the-art foil program from Cab Design Works. It nods to the team's critical &…