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3 days ago

THIS IS MAD! Kai Lenny claims this was, by far, the biggest backwash wave he's ever surfed! What is a backwash wave? If there is…

3 days ago

Mastering wingsurfing comes from hours of practice, and we think the Spencer Bros. have got it down!

3 days ago

Lift Foils have released a new update to the hand controller and Nick walks through the new features in this video, check it out!

4 days ago

Lightwind sessions in 6 - 8 knots - You have no excuse not to be on the water now! Riders: L’Ours and Malo with their…

4 days ago

Chilling on a Sunday? Watch this! Vans presents the new surf documentary, “Breaking Boundaries: A Surfboard Drive for Trinidad & Tobago.” Breaking Boundaries spotlights pro…

5 days ago

It has taken Tom Court a while to give wing foiling a proper go - it was finally time! Tom heads to his local beach…

5 days ago

We're used to seeing Ben Beholz on a kite, but it looks like he might have a new addiction! Check out his first wingsurfing vlog,…

5 days ago

Who needs a tow-in when you've got a mate like Jesse Richman!

6 days ago

Check out Viking Adventures! Based in Klitmøller (Cold Hawaii), three locals that know that coast of Thy like the back of their hands will teach…