Popular Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf News Last 2 Months

3 weeks ago

The waves weren't huge, but they were perfect. No wind and an abundance of sets - Watch Kai Lenny take on Jaws! Music: Glory And…

1 month ago

Oskar Johansson gives us a live review of the Armstrong Foils mid-aspect (MA) foil range! Any questions? Let us know in the comments below! Riding:…

2 months ago

Would you give this a try? Kai Lenny recently got a 17-foot inflatable SUPsquatch, so he called up some friends, and they took it out…

1 month ago

IT'S HERE! The MA (mid aspect) foil range takes everything Armstrong Foil has learned from the HS, HA and CFV2 foils and delivers a truly…

2 months ago

In response to three requests from Instagram users to review the newly released 935mm Performance mast, Olly Brunton has put together this review. It combines…

4 weeks ago

Hand paddles, yay or nay? Adam Bennett gives them a go, and here's what he had to say. Hand paddles are the real deal and…

2 months ago

A downwind in Ireland on AFS Foils Blackbird...

2 months ago

Following up on Olly's recent Armtrong Foils 935mm performance mast review, here is a brief additional look at Armtrong Foils 795mm performance mast in use…

2 months ago

Introducing the FreeWing PRO - rigid, durable, and fast. The PRO is their finest-tuned performance wing for wingfoil racing, but it is still very easy…

5 days ago

Cabrinha's Mantis has become synonymous with its outstanding range and versatility. The wing performs amazingly in waves and on ocean downwinders, and it also proved…

2 months ago

jackfromtown enjoying a huge unexpected NE swell at the Kalapaki Bay Foilers Aloha contest!

1 week ago

We proudly present Cabrinha's 03 Collection - For many, the lure to kitesurfing was one thing - Air. We were mesmerised by riders soaring to…