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4 weeks ago

Before Kelly Slater's Wave Pool, these point breaks were the pinnacle of long perfect waves. Even though they're in the ocean these eight points feel…

4 weeks ago

Oskar Johansson has just done the unthinkable...he stayed on foil at the same break for 2 hours 46 minutes 19 seconds! It’s pretty much unbelievable!…

2 months ago

We are stoked to introduce Starboard's new Xtra: the proven concept for wingfoil racing! The design brief was clear and simple. The Xtra race wingboard…

1 month ago

Mike Birt gives you a mega hack for starting sinkers when winging! Well worth a watch if you want to progress to smaller boards! Learn…

3 weeks ago

Mirk Birt scores a rare gradient Eastwind at his local beach! This was of those sessions bookmarked into the highlights of my time on planet…

2 months ago

Jake Kelsick shares four things you need to consider when you're getting into wingfoiling.

4 weeks ago

Join Surfskolan Crew riders Jacob and Arild as they head out for a wing session in Gotland on the Strike CWC 7 meter Wings!

2 months ago

Wing sessions with the Maui crew!

2 months ago

Got your gybes down? Looking to learn something new, the Heineken Gybe, named after the ridiculously talented Jonny Heineken ads a little flat to your…

1 month ago

Introducing the newest board to Naish's foil lineup, the Hover Wing Foil Compact LE wing foil board. 15% shorter than their original Hover Wing Foil…

2 months ago

No sound track, just the noise of the wind and the ocean and the rush of the fall, this one is quite mesmerising! Makalii Andrade…

1 month ago

Waiting for wind? North's all-new Nova Light Wind has the power to unlock borderline sessions, lift you up instantly in the lightest wind and keep…