Popular Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf News Last Year

2 months ago

In his latest post, Robby Naish shares valuable insights on maximising speed potential during wingfoiling. Gain a deeper understanding of mast and strap positioning, stance...

11 months ago

Stay tuned as Kai Lenny and Ozone's FUSION development wing embark on an exciting experiment that will revolutionise the sport - featuring a double skin...

8 months ago

The rumours are true - Ozone's Fusion wings are in production now and will be in hands from mid November! Five years ago, Ozone launched...

3 months ago

Ezzy Sails has been leading the development and manufacturing of windsurfing sails for over four decades. Now, they are leveraging their experience and product quality...

4 months ago

Are you new to wing foiling? Are you struggling to learn how to wing foil? Gwen le Tutour and Damien Leroy share 3 tips for...

3 months ago

Exciting news! North launches Horizon Downwind / SUP / LW Wing Foilboard! When we look to the horizon, we ignite our desire for progress and...

3 months ago

Damien LeRoy and Gwen le Tutour share insights on optimal foot placement for a smoother wingfoiling experience!

11 months ago

Dockstart, beach start, wing foil, and prone foil can benefit from a better pump foiling technique. Join Gwen and Demien as they share some top...

7 months ago

Olly Brunton has released a review of the Armstrong Foils HA680 for foil surfing. The HA range has been updated and smaller sizes will be...

8 months ago

New sensations, remarkable versatility, and absolute control. The Waterman spirit in a board. Discover the new AFS board, the Whitebird, right here!

2 months ago

Join Balz Muller for the next minute as he tests the new Sabfoil WLP1260!

5 months ago

Best Wing / Foiling Brand of 2023 F-ONE has snagged the title of Best Wing / Foiling Brand of 2023 in Tonic Mag's award once...