Popular Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf News Last Year

11 months ago

We're going to have a bit of content coming out over the next month or so, but first up here is the in-depth interview and…

6 months ago

Sky Rama shares his first run on the new Armstrong Foil MA 1225; his new favourite big wing span foil comes in at 93.5 cm…

9 months ago

Hand paddles, yay or nay? Adam Bennett gives them a go, and here's what he had to say. Hand paddles are the real deal and…

10 months ago

Oskar Johansson gives us a live review of the Armstrong Foils mid-aspect (MA) foil range! Any questions? Let us know in the comments below! Riding:…

7 months ago

Olly Brunton just released his latest review of the new Armstrong foils downwind boards, particularly the 68 x 19.5 x 96L model. Click here to…

7 months ago

Julien Salles talks us through F-ONE's Eagle 1290 in this tech talk! 'The foils of the EAGLE HM CARBON line are designed to bring you…

12 months ago

Takuma's revolutionary Tanji wing design takes wingfoiling to a new level! The visual uniqueness of the wing provides the wing with exceptional endurance and increased…

11 months ago

Naish's new Mach 1 foil range brings a new level of speed and control to wing foiling while doubling down as kite and surf foils.…

12 months ago

Titouan Galea has done it once again and released a jaw-dropping wingfoiling edit, and this time, from New Caledonia! It was nice to be back…

6 months ago

For this third edition of F-ONE's iconic STRIKE, the R&D team have worked on three areas: the materials, the placement of these materials and the…

9 months ago

The waves weren't huge, but they were perfect. No wind and an abundance of sets - Watch Kai Lenny take on Jaws! Music: Glory And…

11 months ago

Oskar Johansson reviews Armstrong Foils' 5'11 DW prototype board, 795 Performance mast and HA1125/Crisp OG 333 rear wing/60cm fuse in his latest vlog!