Popular Wings Foils SUP Surf News All Time

12 months ago

Olympic surf coach and pro surfer Colin McPhillips goes stand up paddleboard (SUP) surfing with 82-year-old Mickey Munoz at San Onofre State Beach! Check it…

1 year ago

Keahi de Aboitiz enjoying one epic session tow-in foiling on the north shore of Oahu in perfect glassy conditions. There's something special about the glide…

3 months ago

THIS IS GOLD - A windsurfer's ending to a classic movie; we were in stitches watching this!

1 year ago

Cal Major sets up for a SUP adventure of a lifetime, paddling the fjords of Arctic Norway and experiencing the Northern Lights dancing overhead!

11 months ago

Alex Aguera making it look way too easy, as usual!

1 year ago

Moritz Mauch tests out Gongs new FSP 2X series in El Salvador. You have got to watch this! For more information, please click here.

1 year ago

This is incredible! Western Australia is rich in resources, and to local surfers, the most valuable of them is found where the desert meets the…

1 year ago

Would you give this a go? Tidal bore with Philippe Caneri - You have got to see this!

1 year ago

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger travels the globe with a legendary windsurfer and pioneering waterman Robby Naish, a 26-time world champion whose quest to master the…

2 weeks ago

Just IMAGINE the paddle back out after that first wave! So so good, to be fair he probably walked up the beach.. Make sure you…

1 year ago

Lake surfer, Erik Wilkie shares his frozen-wave adventures from Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you've got 5 minutes to spare, we recommend you watch this!

1 year ago

7-year-old, Chandler, got knocked off by a shark while surfing at Volusia County, Florida! To Chandler, it was just a fish that startled him, so…