If you were to peek inside the garage of any pro surfer and rummage through their quiver, you’d likely a standard range of shapes: normal shortboards, grovelers, knifed-out barrel threaders, step-ups and a few “alternative shapes” for those wonky days. But Byron Bay style-master Torren Martyn is a pro surfer cut from a different cloth, and his seven-board quiver reflects his uniqueness. Ever since he stepped onto a twin fin a handful of years ago, he’s been addicted to that twin-fin feeling and now his entire quiver is composed purely of twinnies. Believe it or not, Martyn doesn’t even own a thruster anymore. Each one of his boards (ranging in size from 5’4″ to 7’5″) are all wonderfully crafted by retro-inspired shaper Simon Jones of Morning of the Earth and Martyn’s taken these beauties to test out in world-class surf all over the world (even double overhead Nias). Press play on the video above and listen to Martyn as he breaks down the creative relationship he’s developed with his shaper, and why twinnies work well in all types of waves.

Featured boards in order of appearance:
5’8″ Old Faithful
5’8″ Channel-Bottom Round Tail
5’4″ Moontail
6’6″ Fiji Triple Stringer
7’5″ Big Bertha
6’10” Triple Stringer Diamond Tail

Tue 4th Dec, 2018 @ 1:15 am

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