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Cabrinha Code 2024

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The evolution of the Code board is a shining example of how things improve with time, like a fine wine. As the foils and wings advance, the Code has undergone refinements to cater to the intricacies of this incredible sport. They have increased the volume flow across the entire range, introduced a recessed deck, and adjusted the buoyancy distribution. This perfect blend of stability and launch is further complemented by the new smooth line base profile and pulled-in tail kick, enhancing efficiency and aiding in quick acceleration and recovery from splash downs.

As the most versatile board in the Cabrinha range, the Code offers an exceptional platform for riders of all levels. It is a foil-specific board that prioritizes maneuverability and easy launch. The improved volume distribution ensures better balance during takeoff, while the enhanced length/width ratio provides greater stability. The pulled-in kick tail, along with simplified rail flow, offers efficiency, earlier flight, and clearance for on-foil carving. The double concave design provides forgiveness and stability, and the efficient outline and rail flow/chime boost efficiency and release. The recessed concave deck offers more positive feedback, and the angle adjustable 2 or 3 strap insert configuration allows riders to customize their setup. The carbon hybrid construction is reactive and lightweight, and the package includes 4pcs m8x30mm mounting bolts and 2pcs lockable t-nut assembly (straps sold separately).

On the other hand, the Code is an incredibly maneuverable wing board with a high volume for easy starts and a small board feel while flying. It features an exceptionally light and buoyant EPS core wrapped in full carbon for durability. The side cut bevelled rails seamlessly transition into the round outline, promoting water release during takeoff and reducing tension upon rail touch downs. The smooth curved outline aids in efficient water release and quick recovery on the foil during touch downs. The tail kick and pulled-in tail shape contribute to directional stability during takeoff and water release. Riders have the choice between a 2 strap or 3 strap stance with various angle degrees, depending on their riding style.

Recognizing the unique forces involved in Wingfoiling, Cabrinha has developed a specific wingfoil construction that goes beyond standard constructions. With a lightweight EPS core, the board combines a durable composite construction with Bamboo and a uni-directional carbon stringer to withstand these forces. The newly designed concave deck places the foot position lower, increasing reactivity and response for a more direct feeling and highly efficient power transfer.

To enhance the foiling experience, the full deck traction pad is made from Friendly Foam biodegradable EVA. The low profile corduroy grooving strikes the perfect balance between comfort and traction, and the strategically placed cutouts provide extra grip where needed.

In summary, the Code board has undergone significant improvements and refinements to cater to the evolving needs of foiling and wingfoiling. It offers a perfect blend of stability and launch, making it the most versatile board in Cabrinha's range. With its maneuverability, ease of launch, and various customizable options, the Code provides a top-notch experience for riders of all skill levels. Whether for lighter wind freestyle or high-performance wingfoiling, the Code's compact shape, ample volume, and exceptional construction make it the go-to choice for riders like Titouan.


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