Cabrinha Code 5’0 78L 2022 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Cabrinha Code 5’0 78L 2022

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At A Glance

On test this issue was the 78L, 5’0 Code. Cabrinha has six sizes available, ranging from 58L to 118L, allowing a good range of choice for all sizes & styles of riders. This lightweight board has stayed at the top of the wingfoiling game & its super-fast progression.

Boasting a bamboo composite construction, carbon stringer, concave deck, lightweight EPS core, foot strap inserts & 12-inch dual track, there are plenty of features to catch your attention. The concave deck is designed to allow a closer connection to the foil itself, while a kicktail with release channels allows for early planing & flight.

Out of the box, the Code felt exceptionally light for its size. The aesthetics are subtle but cool, and it’s clear that the build quality is very good. A full EVA deck pad provides cushioning for your feet, allowing strapless riders to move around the board with ease.

On The Water

I was excited to get the Code on the water as I’d not ridden a board this big for a long time. At 68kg, I’m not heavy, so this board would be a ‘light-wind weapon’ for me. It didn’t disappoint.

Riding in marginal conditions on several occasions, I found that even using small foils like the H1000 I could pop up on foil with ease. The hull shape & kick tail were noticeable when pumping up into flight mode, which all leads to more foiling time and less sitting around waiting for the wind.

When foiling, the Code felt relaxed and at the same time aggressive. I was able to cruise on long reaches across the bay and then when the time came, I could attack the waves with confidence. This is down to the concave deck, I really enjoy a close connection to the foil and the Code provided just that. Cabrinha has got the sizing just right, the 5’0 length makes pumping achievable and almost makes you feel like you’re on a prone board!

Jumping it was super fun, the landings felt stable and I have no doubt that the smaller sizes would allow for some radical tricks & rotations. Mainly due to the length being compact for their sizes. The 58L version is just 4’8 in length. The foot strap insert and long mast track give you plenty of options to personalise your ride and find that ‘sweet spot’.


Cabrinha has created a quality piece of equipment that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Whether it be cruising the coast, sending it in the waves, or boosting for the skies, the Code is an outstanding choice.


This review was in Issue 12 of Tonic Mag.

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By Jack Galloway

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