AK Durable Supply Co. Phazer Foilboard Duratech 2024 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

AK Durable Supply Co. Phazer Foilboard Duratech 2024

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The Duratech Phazer foilboard is available in two sizes: 5’10” and 6’2”. It provides a stable platform for light wind winging or for heavier riders. They have designed the Phazer with harder release edges, a stepped rail, and a flatter rocker to ensure that it planes early. The wide tail creates stability while light wind gliding or sub-planing, and the deep step in the tail reduces catching when pumping.

To prevent the nose from sticking on touch downs, they have incorporated a rounded V on the nose. This design allows the board to recover without losing too much speed. The mid-section of the board transitions into a single concave, maximizing paddle speed. The larger models have a longer release edge that optimizes early planing at lower speeds.

The bottom kick tail enables the rider to tilt the board upwards, which helps force the nose to lift and release from the water. Additionally, it reduces the chances of the tail touching the water when pumping and turning.

The outline of the Phazer is designed for easy paddling, with the widest part positioned quite far forward. The curve in the outline maintains flow during mid-turn touch downs.

Despite its short length, the Phazer has a surprising amount of float, reducing its swing weight. This makes the board easy to pump and turn. The volume is optimized for stability and works in synergy with the high apex rail to maintain nimbleness.

The slight nose kick ensures that the board doesn't pearl, with enough curve to recover from touch downs. The flat tail rocker maximizes paddle speed, enabling early wave entry. It also helps maintain a balanced ride by ensuring that the foil angle is always 90 degrees when flying.

The concave deck provides stability and comfort while paddling. It allows riders to push their chest forward to generate speed when paddling into the waves while maintaining stability. Additionally, it enhances the connection with the foil and provides extra volume on the rails for stability.

GORE auto vents feature a proprietary GORE membrane that offers a waterproof and breathable solution. The microporous structure of the membrane allows for the free passage of air and gases, equalizing pressures and diffusing moisture before issues arise.

The durable composite shell covers an ultra-lightweight fused EPS core, optimizing durability and minimizing weight. The wood sandwich standing area adds strength to the standing area and works with the T-Stringers on the bottom deck to enhance stiffness. The foil connection consists of a heavy-duty, high-density load plate that carries the foil load and directly connects it to the top deck.

In summary, the Duratech Phazer foilboard is a stable and versatile board designed for light wind winging or heavier riders. It features a range of design elements such as harder release edges, a stepped rail, and a flatter rocker to improve performance. The board also incorporates a rounded V on the nose, a single concave, and a bottom kick tail for increased stability and maneuverability. With its optimized volume and high-quality construction, the Phazer delivers an enjoyable and responsive riding experience.

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