Naish Hover Wing Foil Bullet 2024 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Naish Hover Wing Foil Bullet 2024

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Remaining at the forefront of progression and development, the new Hover Wing Foil Bullet is designed for riders who aspire to reach maximum speeds and be part of the thriving wing foil racing movement. The Bullet boasts a two-stage rocker that enhances its "get going" performance, enabling riders to utilize a powered-up wing and the smallest foil available to achieve incredible speeds. Moreover, its large and steep bevel allows for increased rail clearance, enabling riders to tilt the board more aggressively while riding upwind. The flat deck of the Bullet accommodates a wider stance, providing riders with additional control. As the latest and most advanced option in wing foil racing, the Bullet truly excels in performance, catering to riders who crave high speeds and victories.

The Bullet boasts a pre-preg construction method that ensures the perfect resin content in its fibers, resulting in the lightest possible weight without compromising strength. In addition, its microdot embossed EVA pad contributes to its lightweight design while delivering exceptional grip and long-lasting durability. Accompanied by a high-density PVC foil track system with (2) 10” US Boxes, the Bullet allows riders to swiftly transition between fin and foil setups.

Furthermore, the Bullet offers a comfortable stance, easily recognizable foot positions, and superior board grip, facilitating an enjoyable riding experience. Its design enables riders to effortlessly get up and ride on the foil early, while its sufficient nose lift ensures a smooth entry following disengagement from the foil at any speed. The foot strap insert layout of the Bullet caters to the wider stance requirement necessary for high-speed racing.

In summary, the Hover Wing Foil Bullet is a cutting-edge option for riders seeking exceptional speed and success in wing foil racing. Its innovative features, including the two-stage rocker, large bevel, and flat deck, enhance performance and provide riders with remarkable control. Crafted with a pre-preg construction method and featuring a microdot embossed EVA pad, the Bullet excels in lightweight design, durability, and superior grip. With its high-density PVC foil track system and versatile foot strap insert layout, the Bullet guarantees a seamless transition between fin and foil setups, enabling riders to maximize their experience and excel in the pursuit of victory.


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