Freedom Foil Boards Nugget 4’4 2023 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Freedom Foil Boards Nugget 4’4 2023

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At A Glance

If you’ve reached a bit of a ceiling in your winging and are in search of a high-end, high-speed board that can help elevate your game to the next level, then the FFB Nugget may be just what you need. This compact board is packed with rich design details that are specifically geared toward progression at the highest level, read on as I put the 4’4, 40L to the test.

One of the standout features of the FFB Nugget is its sinker-style design, which makes for minimal swing weight and is designed to allow for effortless manoeuvring while in the air or downwinding a high-speed wave section. For me, it’s all about sinker boards, I’ve been doing it for years now and will rarely go winging on a bigger board. I just love the feeling of having a board the same size as my prone board under my feet, it’s so much more satisfying.

The Nugget features an 8-layer construction with an EPS lightweight foam core, wrapped in Carbon Double Bias. It feels super light and strong when you pick it up. Aesthetics-wise, FFB has hit the nail on the head. A cool carbon black with gold & red finishing makes for an awesome look.

After previously testing the FFB FTW Pro and loving it, I was buzzing to get this wing-specific board out on the water for a spin and as chance would have it, the forecast was looking promising!

On The Water

The session featured in the attached video was particularly good. One of those rare days for us, with both children at nursery, my wife & I headed down the beach for some freedom on the water. It was blowing between 18 & 25 knots, with some ideal waist-high rolling waves cruising over the sandbars out back and a cross-shore wind. It was the perfect day to put the Nugget to the test.

For reference, I was using the North Mode 4.2m & Armstrong MA1000. At 4’4, the Nugget is not the longest of boards, but the progressive chined rails leading into a diamond tail, combined with forward volume meant that I was popping up onto foil with ease. As soon as I’d used the wing to raise the board to the surface, the carefully designed hull provided me with added speed and I was away. It genuinely didn’t feel like I had a 40L board under my feet, even in the lulls I didn’t struggle. The board's unique bottom design definitely plays a key role in that performance, you can really feel the increased speed providing friction-free release compared to other sinker boards on the market.

Once up, the board is a pleasure to ride. It’s super stiff, allowing excellent pop for airtime, and as you’ll see in the edit, pumping & connecting between bumps as I headed downwind was insanely fun. After riding a few larger downwind boards recently, it is a welcome feeling to be downwinding back on a small board. It just feels faster and more efficient, great fun when you’re winging.

The Nugget features proprietary 13" mounting tracks, a pressure relief air vent, and extra foot strap inserts which add to the board's versatility and customisation options. I had the footstraps in my goofy setting and they were in a good position. Even with boots on, I didn’t feel any slip.


The FFB Nugget is an impressive board that delivers on its promise of high-end, high-speed performance. Its early planing, solid construction, and light weight make it an easy choice if you’re looking for a sinker-style wing weapon.

This review was in Issue 16 of Tonic Mag.

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By Jack Galloway

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