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Ozone Rise V1 2024

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The sensation of 'freedom' is deeply embedded in the watersport of wingfoiling. Ozone has created the Rise V1 Carbon to enhance this feeling. It offers the freedom to play, improve, shred, cruise, and explore. The Rise V1 Carbon is particularly suitable for intermediate riders and above who want to progress quickly.

One of the key features of the Rise V1 Carbon is its excellent connection with the foil underfoot. This is achieved through its carbon design, which utilizes durable and water-resistant 50K foam. The high-spec design of the board helps riders manage speed even in choppy conditions.

Ozone has left no stone unturned in the development of this wingboard. They gathered input from Ken Adgate, a high-performance Ozone wingfoil team rider, as well as Johnny Heineken, a renowned freeride shredder and racer. With their expertise and the use of high-end materials, Ozone has created a board that offers both accessibility and engaging performance.

The Rise V1 Carbon comes in five different sizes, each specifically designed to provide stability and buoyancy for riders of different levels. The board features custom-designed foil tracks, allowing riders to adjust mast positions according to their preference and riding style. The recessed concave in the deck enhances control, while the EVA deck grip with a center line arch support provides a stable and comfortable platform for the feet.

The hull design of the Rise V1 Carbon contributes to its stability and speed. The double concave hull in the nose area transitions to a flat-V section around the mast mount, increasing water flow and aiding waterstarts. The bevelled rails and progressive rockerline allow riders to manage touchdowns at speed and handle choppy conditions more effectively.

In terms of performance, the Rise V1 Carbon offers a sporty and responsive ride. Its direct and connected feel with the foil enables efficient pumping and energized handling. The board strikes a balance between ease-of-use and performance, making it ideal for riders who want to progress.

The construction of the Rise V1 Carbon showcases Ozone's commitment to sustainability and performance. The full carbon construction with 50K foam provides strength, flexibility, and resistance to damage. The board is also waterproof, ensuring riders can continue their sessions without worrying about waterlogged surfaces. Internal reinforcements and a custom-designed foilbox further enhance the board's durability and sturdiness.

The manufacturing process of the Rise V1 Carbon utilizes advanced techniques such as vacuum infusion. This process enhances the bond between the layers of carbon and foam, resulting in a strong and unified connection. The Rise V1 Carbon is the embodiment of Ozone's dedication to creating a high-performance wingboard while prioritizing sustainable and innovative design.

In summary, the Rise V1 Carbon is a wingboard that encompasses the essence of freedom in wingfoiling. It offers accessibility, stability, and high-performance features that allow riders to progress and enjoy their sessions to the fullest. With its exceptional construction and design, riders can experience an exhilarating and engaging connection with their foil. Ozone has created a cutting-edge wingboard that suits intermediate riders and beyond, regardless of their ambition.


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