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Let the Seek wing-foil board be your ticket to unexplored territories. Whether you're gliding upwind, cruising downwind, or conquering waves in the ocean or lake, the Seek is designed to provide an intuitive and direct connection to your hydrofoil. Its stiff and responsive Hybrid Carbon construction, coupled with a deep-concaved deck, offers greater leverage and control over heel/toe roll movements. This enables you to effortlessly take off, recover from touchdowns, execute smooth gybes and tacks, and even perform impressive jumps. The 2024 Seek features a well-balanced design for cleaner release and a more comfortable stance. It incorporates an efficient tri-plane hull design with a slight convex at the tail, allowing for smoother and more forgiving touchdown recoveries. The nose rocker has been reduced, resulting in improved speed and acceleration. Additionally, the volume distribution has been optimized to enhance stability during takeoff and touchdowns. With updated volumes for each board length, you can now ride a full size shorter.

The Seek offers offline and V-strap insert options (straps sold separately), allowing you to personalize your stance or opt for a strapless experience. The reduced tail radius in the 2024 model decreases drag and adds volume for enhanced stability. The concaved deck, particularly in the standing area, lowers the rider's center of gravity, contributing to better balance. The steep rails ensure that the volume is concentrated toward the outside edge, further enhancing stability and making it easier to stand up and get going on the board. The Seek boasts a lighter weight construction for increased stiffness, maneuverability, and glide. Its integrated high-density structural stringer system provides additional reinforcement for improved support.

The board features DropBox foil mounting tracks that are embedded into a high-density closed-cell PVC block. This allows for easy and precise foil setup adjustments. Foil mounting screws and t-nuts are included with the board and come pre-installed into the DropBox track, simplifying the setup process. The EPS core of the high volume board is designed to withstand extreme temperature changes. A custom heat-embossed deckpad with a center-line ridge facilitates fast and intuitive foot placement, ensuring a direct connection to the foil. A recessed carry handle on the underside of the board enables balanced load handling with or without the foil attached.

The bottom contour of the board features a double V-shape created by a single concave in the center and angled planing surfaces on each side. This design allows water to flow smoothly and quickly, preventing sticking and enabling easy lift and release. The angled-planing surfaces extend to the tail, allowing for touchdown on various rail angles without catching. The waterline length extends to the tail, providing additional stability under the back foot, making it easier to step into the straps. The recessed deck design concentrates the board's volume toward the rails, resulting in greater balance and stability during takeoffs and touchdowns. The deck's curve provides increased leverage and control over heel/toe roll movements.

In addition to the centerline and V-strap inserts, an offline strap insert option is available for more ergonomic riding. The Seek's stiff construction ensures better pumping ability and responsiveness. Its epoxy composite laminate, made from a balanced carbon and e-glass fiber layup, is both light and durable. The board is reinforced with high-density closed-cell PVC around key areas such as the foil track mount, leash plug, and foot strap inserts. It also features an ultra-lightweight double bamboo reinforcement layer under the standing area, providing greater impact resistance and rigidity.

The board's unique structurally-integrated DropBox offers a longer track for wider adjustment range, allowing you to fine-tune the foil setup according to your weight. A measurement guide next to the track aids in correct positioning. The Seek is compatible with most foil systems as it adheres to the industry-standard 90mm track spacing.

To prevent air pressure build-up, the board is equipped with a two-way GORE™ Protective Vent on the top deck. This vent permits air passage while blocking water, and it requires no adjustment as it comes factory-fitted. The integrated tail-kickpad and transverse markers provide both tactile and visual references for your stance. The recessed carry handle allows you to carry the board with one hand while keeping the other hand free for your wing or paddle.

Overall, the Seek wing-foil board offers exceptional performance and functionality. Its innovative design, durable construction, and advanced features make it suitable for riders of all levels, from cruising enthusiasts to air trick aficionados.

In summary, the Seek wing-foil board from North is designed for an intuitive and direct connection with your hydrofoil. Its Hybrid Carbon construction, concaved deck, and optimized volume distribution provide excellent stability and control during takeoff and touchdown. The board's reduced nose rocker enhances speed and acceleration, while the steep rails add to its stability. With various strap insert options and a compatible foil system, the Seek offers versatility and customization possibilities. Its lightweight, yet durable construction ensures stiffness, maneuverability, and gliding prowess. The integrated high-density structural stringer system and DropBox foil mounting tracks provide enhanced support and easy foil setup adjustments. With a multitude of features such as a custom deckpad, recessed carry handle, and GORE™ Protective Vent, the Seek is designed to enhance your riding experience and enable you to push your limits.

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