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North Loft Pro 2024

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Looking for a breeze? The brand-new Loft Pro offers the capability to enhance borderline sessions, instantly lift you up in the lightest wind, and keep you foiling for longer. With its deep profile and ultra-stiff frame, they deliver the most efficient power delivery per m2. This means they carry you through the lulls and convert even the slightest puff into powerful forward momentum. The Loft Pro is designed to be as lightweight as possible, featuring carbon handles and a new N-Weave45 airframe that provides a faster, stiffer wing with instant response.

The wing is compact for its size, reducing the chances of tip strike, and has a balanced load distribution and lift to make gybes, tacks, and low-speed transitions easier. The Loft Pro also features Rigid GripLock micro-trim handles for a more immediate response. The reduced leading edge diameter and overall weight make the wing lighter and more agile while maintaining stiffness. It is a versatile and high-performance wing suitable for every rider.

The Loft Pro Light Wind wing has a deep profile and stiff frame that enables efficient power delivery. The N-Weave45 airframe, made from high tensile strength woven fibre with x-ply reinforcement, creates a stiffer and lighter rig that maintains its shape under load. This wing offers increased control and reduced hand fatigue, with a lower aspect ratio and reduced span width to minimize the chances of catching a wingtip in the water. It is engineered to be lightweight, responsive, and easy to handle.

The Loft Pro design focuses on getting riders up and riding without the need for excessive pumping. The stiff and reactive framing delivers direct power when pulled with the back arm, propelling riders forward. The biaxial 45-degree laminate controls deflection and movement, resulting in a stiffer overall frame during flight. The lightweight carbon trim handles provide a direct response and easy balance adjustment. The compact outline and rounded wingtips minimize tip-strike and drag, improving recovery opportunities.

To maximize low-end ability, the Loft Pro is recommended to be paired with an efficient hydrofoil wing with a low stall speed. The weight distribution in the wing concentrates in the centre, ensuring effortless manoeuvres and low swing weight. The Loft Pro comes with a high-quality elasticated webbing leash for added safety.

In summary, the all-new Loft Pro is a high-performance wing that excels in light wind conditions. Its deep profile, stiff frame, and efficient power delivery make it ideal for generating forward momentum even in minimal wind. The compact design, reduced weight, and responsive features enhance manoeuvrability and control. Paired with a suitable hydrofoil, the Loft Pro provides exceptional low-end.

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