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North Mode Pro 2024

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For high-speed performance, efficiency is crucial. They have developed Mode, a high-speed performance wing with a reinforced woven fibre airframe called N-Weave 45 X-ply and a canopy made of Matrix N-HTRS. These new material technologies have allowed them to create a stiffer, lighter, and more durable branch without compromising its geometry or being highly-priced. The N-Weave 45 reduces deflection and transfers wind energy for more incredible speed and performance. The Matrix N-HTRS canopy manages the tension of the airframe, broadening the wind range and maintaining its shape in all conditions.

The Mode is designed with a fast and VMG-optimized design, enabling sailors to sail closer to the wind and on higher upwind angles, reducing the need to tack or gybe. While the primary focus of the Mode is high-speed performance, its stiffer airframe also results in better loft for higher jumps and smoother landings. It offers exceptional stability and is suitable for stronger winds, with specific sizes optimized for power in lighter air conditions. The wing features a balanced lower aspect ratio with rounded wingtips to minimize tip strike, and the new panel layout provides stability and increased tension when under load. The Carbon GripLock micro-trim control handles offer immediate response and smooth transitions, making gybing easier.

The Mode wing has additional accessories, including a wrist wing leash, bag, compression strap, and repair kit. The N-Weave 45 airframe is 30% lighter and three times stiffer than traditional Dacron, while the Matrix canopy is designed to handle the higher loads of the airframe. This results in a more robust and more durable wing that maintains its shape over time. The Mode Pro is designed for speed and VMG, allowing sailors to reach their destination quickly and efficiently. Its performance-oriented design also makes it suitable for high jumps and smooth landings. The Mode wing is stable and easy to handle, even in challenging conditions, and including smaller windows provides better visibility in different directions.

The N-Weave 45 airframe is made of a low-elongation, high-tensile strength woven fibre that reduces structural deflection and maximizes wind energy for better performance. It is also highly resistant to cuts and abrasion. The Matrix canopy is 2.5 times stronger in the warp/weft direction and five times more substantial in the 45-degree bias direction than traditional canopies, ensuring greater structural integrity over time.

Overall, the Mode Pro is a high-performance wing that offers speed, stability, and manoeuvrability. It is designed with advanced materials and engineering techniques to provide optimal performance in various wind conditions. The Mode Pro is a versatile wing suitable for all disciplines and can handle any conditions with its responsive and powerful nature. The combination of N-Weave 45 and Matrix canopy ensures maximum efficiency and durability, allowing riders to master the world of wind and water.

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