F-One STRIKE CWC 2024 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review


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The STRIKE CWC by F-ONE has proven to be a remarkable addition to their lineup, showcasing innovative design elements that enhance performance in light winds. Featuring the patented Compact Wing Concept (CWC), this wing demonstrates efficient planing and pumping capabilities, ensuring an exceptional glide experience. The integration of ALUULA on all three struts contributes to a sense of lightness, while materials like HITEX and TECHNOFORCE bolster durability.

The optimized design of the STRIKE CWC ensures perfect balance in flight and forward traction for an effortless riding experience. Its intuitive pumping mechanism allows for easy planing starts, making it suitable for riders of various skill levels. The innovative interchangeable handle system offers customization options for a tailored riding experience.

The careful placement of ALUULA on the struts reduces inertia during maneuvers, transitions, and pumping, enhancing overall agility and responsiveness. The strategic use of HITEX and TECHNOFORCE materials in key areas ensures longevity and high performance under varying conditions. The CWC's unique geometry with two additional struts allows for increased surface area without compromising lightness, making it a versatile option for light wind conditions.

With a refined design, advanced materials, and precise load management, the STRIKE CWC continues to stand out as a game-changer for light wind days. Its aerodynamic features and stable construction provide riders with a smooth and efficient experience on the water. Overall, the F-ONE STRIKE CWC delivers exceptional performance and durability, making it a top choice for riders seeking a reliable and high-performing wing in light wind conditions.


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