F-One STRIKE 2024 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

F-One STRIKE 2024

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The STRIKE wing from F-ONE has been hailed as a masterpiece of aerodynamism, offering a refined design that promises unforgettable high-performance sessions. This fourth version of the iconic wing boasts a range of features that enhance its performance and durability.

The STRIKE is equipped with an optimized design that delivers unprecedented performance, utilizing HITEX and TECHNOFORCE materials to ensure increased durability. The wing offers perfect control of the profile and deformations, guaranteeing comfort across the wind range. Users can expect unmatched speed and power delivery, along with impressive pop, hangtime, and upwind performances. The intuitive pumping feature enables easy planing starts, making it accessible for riders of all levels.

One of the standout features of the new STRIKE is the interchangeable handle system, allowing riders to customize their experience with soft, hybrid, or rigid handles. The design enhancements, including a straight central strut, improved balance, and aerodynamics, contribute to exceptional performance and control. The addition of a dihedral angle improves stability, while the leading and trailing edge tensions ensure a smooth and stable profile for enhanced performance.

The advanced Sail Engineering work behind the scenes ensures that the STRIKE is a perfect blend of performance, lightweight feel, and smooth traction. The use of HITEX materials in the inflatable structure provides increased resistance to elongation, resulting in greater durability and performance. The innovative Load Diffuser and panel layout help maintain stability and longevity, offering riders a reliable and consistent experience session after session.

Overall, the F-ONE STRIKE wing impresses with its advanced design, durability, and performance features. Riders can expect a responsive and dynamic experience on the water, whether executing freestyle moves or cruising effortlessly across the wind range. The interchangeable handle system adds a customizable element to the wing, catering to various riding preferences. With its focus on performance, control, and smoothness, the STRIKE is a top choice for riders seeking a high-performance wing for their sessions.


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