Armstrong Foils A-Wing XPS 2024 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Armstrong Foils A-Wing XPS 2024

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The A-Wing XPS from Armstrong Foils offers a cutting-edge design tailored for diverse riding styles, boasting next-generation performance, power, and control. Collaborating with renowned wing and kite designers, Armstrong has meticulously crafted the A-Wing XPS to ensure optimal functionality across various riding conditions.

The innovative cross-panel sail (XPS) design of the A-Wing XPS enhances connection during riding, significantly reducing sail distortion for improved load distribution and frame rigidity. This unique layout provides a direct and controlled feel, enhancing flying comfort and ease. The inclusion of removable carbon fiber battens minimizes trailing edge flutter and allows for easy canopy tuning based on wind strength.

Additionally, the A-Wing XPS features an advanced airfoil section and pre-twist tip geometry, which contribute to remarkable speed and exceptional upwind performance. This design element not only enhances freestyle maneuverability but also offers ample hang time and stability for smooth landings. Wave riders will appreciate the wing's minimal luffing and sail flutter, allowing them to focus on wave shredding with enhanced stability.

The newly developed hybrid carbon handle (HCH) design combines a rigid carbon interior skeleton with a soft padded exterior, striking a balance between control, comfort, and safety. Armstrong has carefully selected high-quality lightweight materials, including Dacron and Ultra PE woven laminate, to ensure durability, strength, and optimal performance.

The extensive development process of the A-Wing XPS involved a collaboration between Armstrong and experienced water sports equipment designers, resulting in a meticulously crafted product that meets market demands. Through a comprehensive research program and unrestricted access to resources, the design team refined every aspect of the wing to achieve optimal performance.

In summary, the A-Wing XPS stands out as a top-tier wing offering unparalleled performance, control, and versatility across different riding styles. Whether you're into free flying, wave riding, or freestyle maneuvers, this wing delivers a seamless and exhilarating experience on the water.

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