DUOTONE Slick Concept Blue 2024 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

DUOTONE Slick Concept Blue 2024

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The Slick Concept Blue, a pinnacle of sustainability and performance in the freeride & freestyle wing category. This innovative wing, part of the Concept Blue lineup, signifies a transition towards a more eco-conscious approach, aligning with the Save Our Playgrounds campaign. Available in all 8 Slick sizes, ranging from 3.0 to 6.5m2, this wing introduces cutting-edge features that cater to both environmental concerns and top-tier performance.

Crafted with unwavering sustainability as its cornerstone, the Slick Concept Blue mirrors the updates of the original Slick model, showcasing identical performance and durability while being more environmentally friendly. By incorporating undyed fabrics, bio-based bladder material, recycled plastic components, and minimized printed graphics, this wing ensures a heightened sense of environmental responsibility without compromising on excellence in Wing Foiling experiences.

Embrace enhanced control and stability with the Mini Boom design, reduced wing tip drag, and improved draft stability. The refined panel layout, using materials with reduced environmental impact, guarantees rapid power delivery while maintaining a light, neutral, and effortless feel during maneuvers or wave flagging. The undyed version of the wing's specialized MOD3 canopy offers a direct feel and increased power output, akin to the brand's original Slick models.

Dive into a versatile wing that excels in both top-end control and depower functionalities. The 2024 Slick Concept Blue is carefully engineered to meet diverse performance requirements with sustainable practices at its core. By employing undyed fabrics, bio-based bladder material, recycled plastic components, and minimized graphics, this wing exemplifies a harmonious balance between performance and environmental stewardship.

In summary, the 2024 Slick Concept Blue stands out as a beacon of sustainability in the freeride & freestyle wing realm, offering exceptional performance fused with a dedication to environmental preservation. For watersports enthusiasts looking to push boundaries while minimizing their impact on nature, the Slick Concept Blue emerges as a top-tier choice that embodies the ethos of eco-friendly innovation in the industry.


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