DUOTONE Unit 2024 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

DUOTONE Unit 2024

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The 2024 Unit has taken yet another step ahead of the competition and introduces a new level of riding comfort, improved drift stability, and exciting features that should not be overlooked.

They have been leading the way in Wing design for years, and while many competitors have attempted to replicate their performance and handling, the Unit remains the benchmark in the industry. This is due to the combination of wing design, technology, and materials used.

The 2024 model builds upon their success by introducing a long carbon front handle that allows for one-handed riding. Additionally, an angled strut has been added to increase riding comfort. Tweaks to the outline, twist, and canopy tension have further improved the power delivery and drift stability of the Unit.

Designer Ken Winner has optimized the angles of the strut in the handle area, resulting in a more natural riding position. This allows for a straighter back arm and reduces the constant pulling in, especially noticeable when riding toe side.

Furthermore, the second improvement to handling is the introduction of a significantly longer carbon front handle. This enables riders to bring their front hand further back and fly the wing with just one hand for extended periods. This benefit opens doors to new tricks and provides a level of riding comfort that should not be missed.

With additional refinements to the outline, curvature, twist, and tension of the MOD3 canopy, the new Unit flies more precisely and stably when sheeted in. It also has a more neutral drift when flagged out on the wave.

Whether you enjoy carving in the surf, boosting big airs with hang time, or simply desire plenty of lift and power, the 2024 Unit is a real winner. It is not only distinguished by the designer's name but also by its outstanding performance and handling.

In summary, the 2024 Unit sets a new standard in riding comfort with improved handle angles and positions. It offers consistent power distribution through gusts and lulls, making it a top choice for riders seeking both performance and comfort.

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