DUOTONE Ventis 2024 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

DUOTONE Ventis 2024

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The Ventis introduces a fresh line of light wind wing foiling extensions. Packed with maximum lift and power, it features a sleek design with reduced wing tips, allowing you to soar while others remain grounded.

The canopy maintains its profile throughout the entire wing, providing active lift and maximum power even in light winds. Two side struts retain a rigid frame, enhancing handling with stable draft positioning and smooth gust response.

In a new three-strut design, the Ventis offers an effective tip reduction for easy starts and minimized tip drag. The center strut profile promotes relaxed arm positioning and comfortable, ergonomic handling.

Thanks to its efficient construction and lightweight canopy, the Ventis performs exceptionally well in marginal conditions. It proves to be light, neutral, and effortless, making the most out of limited wind.

The Ventis revolutionizes light wind wing foiling by eliminating the need for advanced pumping techniques. It offers active lift that effortlessly pulls you up and onto the foil, requiring less pumping. With reduced wing tips, the risk of catching or dragging is significantly minimized, making it accessible to riders of all levels.

The side struts not only enhance handling but also maintain the canopy's profile all the way to the tips. This increases lift, power, stability, and depower throughout the entire wing surface.

Efficiency and performance are a priority in the Ventis design. Its lightweight 50g ripstop canopy material, with careful attention to thread orientation, ensures a direct response and optimal performance. The longer carbon front handle enables one-handed riding and enhances overall handling and maneuvering capabilities.

The Ventis's strut profile enhances handle ergonomics, providing a more comfortable hand angle. This allows for a straighter back arm position, resulting in longer and more enjoyable sessions on the water.

Experience the thrill of challenging the impossible with the Ventis. Its reduced tip design minimizes the risk of catching or dragging a wing tip, providing a similar virtual wingspan to the Slick 6.0.

Featuring a new 3 strut design, the Ventis delivers ultimate lift and power in light wind conditions. The extended carbon front handle ensures effortless handling while riding one-handed. The ergonomics of the handles prioritize comfort and maximize the angle for your hands.


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