DUOTONE Ventis 2025 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

DUOTONE Ventis 2025

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The Ventis wing, a Co2-compensated product, has raised the bar for effortless free-riding in light winds, outperforming its predecessors with enhanced power delivery and upwind capabilities. Its 3-strut design and unique wing tips ensure maximum lift, power, and efficiency, making foiling a breeze without the need for intensive pumping.

Designed by Ken Winner, the Ventis features side struts that are positioned closer inwards, creating a rigid frame that reduces swing weight and makes even the larger sizes manageable for riders of all sizes and experience levels. The lightweight 50g ripstop canopy optimizes performance in marginal conditions, while maintaining consistent profile depth and canopy tension for smooth and stable power delivery.

Furthermore, the Ventis boasts an ergonomic center strut design with an extended Carbon front handle, enabling comfortable one-handed riding and reducing fatigue for longer sessions. Its profile shape and tip twist not only improve low-end performance but also enhance upwind capabilities, ensuring a smoother ride through gusts.

With improvements such as effective tip reduction, stable draft position, and smooth gust response, the Ventis offers early flight in light winds without requiring advanced pumping techniques. The reduced tip design and re-positioned side struts contribute to exceptional stability and minimal tip drag.

In conclusion, the Ventis is a game-changer for riders seeking a reliable and high-performance kite that excels in light wind conditions. Its innovative design, ease of use, and ability to enhance upwind performance make it a top choice for those looking to maximize their progression and enjoyment on the water.

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