DUOTONE Ventis D/LAB 2025 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

DUOTONE Ventis D/LAB 2025

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In their quest to offer the ultimate light wind freeride wing, D/LAB has introduced the Ventis D/LAB model, a pinnacle of innovation and performance in Wing Foiling gear. Crafted with precision and using premium materials, the Ventis D/LAB is designed to excel in light wind conditions, providing unmatched power and efficiency for a thrilling ride.

One of the standout features of the Ventis D/LAB is its 3-strut design combined with premium Aluula material in the leading edge and struts, resulting in a lightweight construction without compromising on performance. This innovative design not only enhances the wing's power and upwind performance but also ensures ease of use in marginal winds.

The deeper, refined profile shape and optimized tip twist of the Ventis D/LAB contribute to increased power and smooth response in gusts, making it the lightest and most responsive wing in ultra-light wind conditions. The reduced tip design, along with re-located side struts, enhances wing stability and minimizes drag, eliminating the need for advanced pumping techniques to lift off onto the foil.

Moreover, the Ventis D/LAB features a lightweight 50g ripstop canopy, keeping the overall weight of the wing to a minimum. The extended Carbon front handle allows for one-handed riding, while the ergonomically designed center strut promotes ease of use and reduces fatigue during extended sessions.

Derived from the feedback of a user, the Ventis D/LAB impressively allows riders to take off with minimal effort even in the lightest conditions, providing a delightful and effortless winging experience. It is a testament to the wing's exceptional performance and responsiveness, offering an unparalleled experience in light wind Wing Foiling sessions.

In summary, the Ventis D/LAB by D/LAB stands out as the epitome of lightweight, responsive, and high-performance wing, ideal for maximizing the potential of light wind wing foiling sessions. With its advanced design features and premium materials, this wing promises an exhilarating ride in marginal wind conditions, making it a top choice for riders seeking an exceptional experience on the water.

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