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6 days ago

Duotone's brand new wing with a 'mini boom' system. Check it out! The Slick is the most versatile wing in the range, easy to fly,…

7 days ago

Tom Court tells us his story of an interesting experience while surfing..! Even a day in paradise can set you back if you start the…

2 weeks ago

Join Tom Court as he tow foils in Fuerteventura! In this episode of #courtintheact I get a call from Clement Roseyro who managed to get…

2 weeks ago

It's all about the 'downwingder'. Join Robert Pirie as he cruises downwind on his wing in idyllic conditions.

3 weeks ago

Watch as James Casey makes wingsurfing look oh so fun! Chasing waves in outer reef storm conditions, make sure you take a look at this…

3 weeks ago

Something a little different in this video, Tom Court drives south on the island to make the most of sone strange wind conditions. Finding some…

1 month ago

Hydrofoils have opened up some insane possibilities on the water and Tom Court has been getting more and more into foil surfing. Once you have…

1 month ago

The GWA Wingfoil World Tour has launched it's plans for next year. Certainly exciting stuff to come from them including this highlights clip. Welcome the…

2 months ago

Tom Court heads to a rocky point in Coralejo to get some light wind winging in. Riding the Duotone Kiteboarding UNIT wing 5m and 95L…

2 months ago

Nope this isn't an event or race. Its just an average day on Maui in Kahului Harbour. Winging really is growing fast!! Is Winging a…

2 months ago

All the highlights from Day Three in Tarifa, where we saw the athletes participate in a surf-race and an epic, action-packed, expression session Find out…

2 months ago

All of the action from the Men' s Elimination on Day Two of the Tarifa Wing Pro 2020. It's so exciting to see the level…

Issue 7

Is the wing the tool to unite us all? Rou Chater certainly seems to think so; it's a piece of equipment that transcends so many disciplines and can open to door to water sports for so many more. Check out his editorial right here!

4 days ago
Issue 6

Olivia Jenkins has been living in the US for a while now and has transformed herself into a formidable water woman. She’s recently been charging on the wing, and Colleen Carroll recently caught up with her, find out what makes her tick right here.

4 months ago
Issue 6

Willow River Tonkin endured a pretty harsh lockdown in Mauritius, once he was allowed out he taught himself to wingsurf and found he had some of the best waves on the planet all to himself! Read all about it here…

4 months ago

Foil Wing
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