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Cabrinha Vision 2024

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With the sport evolving at such an incredible rate, they need a wing that matches this evolution and takes them into the next generation of Wing Foiling.

Known for its incredible range and light feel, the Vision is back in 04. Increased low-end power in the smaller sizes, refined airflow across the board, and the lightest weight light wind wings in the market make the new Vision the most all-around wing out there.

Tall or small, cruising or wave riding, light winds, or storm chasing. The Vision is the perfect addition to their wing quiver.

The Vision has the highest amount of Dihedral in the Cabrinha range, which helps greatly in upwind stability and reactive handling. The full center section airfoil increases the low-end power, helping them get up and going with minimal effort.

The small sizes excel in high winds due to the reactive sheeting, whereas the larger 6/7/8m were designed with lighter winds in mind to get them up and riding when most are sitting on the beach.

The Convex support strut on the Mantis V3 provides a stiffer and more reactive connection between the rider and wing. A refined window layout, made from weather-resistant TPU, provides increased visibility when riding.

Progressive tip twist as the sizing increases in the Vision range helps keep sheeting relative and responsive no matter what size wing they ride.

Nano Ripstop is a 55 g/m2 material with a 3mm double ripstop pattern. This micro ripstop material, in unison with a newly developed coating, has given them a 2X increase in the canopy's tear strength. A smaller ripstop pattern increases the number of "cells" in any given panel.

Indexing attachment points lock down the composite handles, eliminating any rotation at each connection point. The culmination is the most rigid, direct handle design to date.

Two sprint valves connect the Stiff Strut to the Leading edge, allowing for increased airflow to aid in both inflating and pack down.

The TE load distributor increases wing durability while robustly helping distribute wing tension throughout the trailing edge. The abrasive material stops scuffing while the wing rests on land.

Expanding on the composite handle design, the all-new Pure Impulse Front Handle gives the strongest, most direct LE control and handling in the market. Minute wrist control translates directly into wing input, allowing them to put the wing.

The new window positioning on the Mantis and Vision wings allows for increased range of visibility not only ahead but also behind them, to aid during riding and transitions.

The new convex strut provides not only increased strength and stiffness but also allows for a longer attachment between the strut and canopy, giving a clean fully tensioned profile at all angles of flight.

In summary, the Vision wing is designed to keep up with the evolving sport of Wing Foiling. With its incredible range, light feel, and various features such as the convex strut and progressive tip twist, it offers versatility and performance for wing foilers of all levels. Whether they are into freestyle or just cruising around, the Vision wing is a reliable choice, particularly for larger sizes on low-wind days.


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