Cabrinha Mantis Apex 2023 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Cabrinha Mantis Apex 2023

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The Mantis is renowned for its exceptional range and versatility. It excels in various conditions such as waves, ocean downwinders, racecourses, and flat water venues.

The Mantis Apex series takes performance to the next level with the introduction of the Ultra HP frame material. This material not only reduces the weight of the frame by 22%, but also allows for higher pressures, which results in a leaner profile and improved performance.

The Mantis Apex features a medium Dihedral design, providing a perfect balance between power and stability. This design ensures precise handling and feedback from the wing.

The wingtip twist has been refined to allow for better airflow while maintaining canopy tension.

Thanks to the Ultra-HP material, the Mantis Apex has an efficient upwind performance, a wide speed range, and a highly responsive frame.

The lightweight single strut ensures low weight and predictable depower.

The window layout has been carefully designed using weather resistant TPU, providing increased visibility when riding.

With a combination of Ultra-HP material, refined profiles, and Tip Twist, the Mantis Apex offers incredible control and power in a wide range of wind conditions.

The Ultra-HP material is a lightweight laminate that provides exceptional strength and stability, especially at higher pressures. Using Ultra-HP allows for a smaller diameter leading edge compared to conventional materials.

One unique advantage of Ultra-HP is the ability to inflate the leading edge to higher pressures, resulting in a light, stiff, and narrow diameter frame.

Cabrinha, the brand behind the Mantis, introduced the innovative Widespan handles with the X2. These handles are strategically positioned for micro adjustments while riding and easy packdown after the session. The Widespan Anti Twist Handles enhance the winging experience.

As wingsurfing exerts unique forces on products, the Load Path Panel Layout has been meticulously designed to mitigate various loads and elongation, resulting in a structurally superior product in different conditions.

Two sprint valves connect the Stiff Strut to the Leading edge, allowing for increased airflow during inflation and pack down.

For optimal performance, a stable and reactive wing material is essential. Nano Ripstop fulfills these requirements.

Inspired by the Widespan Handles, the Pure Impulse front handle offers a direct and convenient location for carrying, maneuvering, and controlling the wing. Whether riding a wave or in any other situation, the Pure Impulse Handle allows precise control over the wing.


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