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CORE XC 2023

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The Core XC provides instinctive power control for wingfoiling enthusiasts of all levels and styles. Its moderate aspect-ratio profile ensures a perfect balance of power, speed, and maneuverability while minimizing stalls. The XC not only turns playfully but also delivers instant forward drive with its twist allowance in the center strut and tips. The reactive relationship between stiffness and flex is achieved through the ExoTex2 material in the leading edge and center strut, while the low-stretch and durable CoreTex2 cloth ensures smooth and linear power development. The wide and ergonomic handles offer direct power control, and the XC is designed to exceed expectations in all areas of wingfoiling, from high-speed foiling to aggressive maneuvers.

The XC's mid-to-high-aspect-ratio provides the necessary power and performance, and the front tube's sweep maintains agility. The rugged construction makes it suitable for progressive freestyle moves and withstands crash abuse. The XC is known for its agile handling, linear power delivery, and matching performance with the Roamer and Spectrum products in the CORE wingfoiling range.

The rigid handlebars of the XC offer a more direct steering feel compared to soft handles, reducing physical effort and fatigue. The extra-long shape allows for a balanced and relaxed stance, and the optimized EVA grip ensures a non-slip hold. The higher angle-of-attack in the wing tips creates a twist in the wing's profile, striking a balance between power and agility. The center strut provides propulsion, while the angled tips ensure clean turns. The CoreTex2 material minimizes stretch, enhancing performance and tear strength.

The ExoTex2 dacron adds durability and minimal stretch, offering direct power transmission during flight and pumping. The XC's wings feature two speed valves for faster deflation, and larger diameters in the front strut provide stability for wings above 5m. The one pump connector allows for easy inflation, and the choice between wrist and waist leash accommodates personal preferences. The leash design prevents tangling, and the included backpack, manual, and repair kit add convenience.

CORE wings are built to last, backed by a six-year parts availability guarantee, ensuring that all XC replacement parts will be stocked for at least six years.

In summary, the Core XC wingfoiling wing delivers instinctive power control, combining power, speed, and maneuverability. Its finely tuned profile minimizes stalls and offers playful turns and instant forward drive. With its durable construction, direct power transmission, and minimum stretch, the XC exceeds expectations in all aspects of wingfoiling, making it a versatile and reliable choice for wingfoiling enthusiasts.


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