DUOTONE Slick D/lab 2023 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

DUOTONE Slick D/lab 2023

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The new Slick D/LAB has made its grand entrance! This latest Freeride & Freestyle Wing, equipped with the incredible Mini Boom, brings forth power, lightness, and unmatched performance thanks to the prestigious D/LAB technology. Prepare to experience a riding sensation that surpasses all imagination!

To achieve minimal weight and maximum performance, the Slick D/LAB incorporates an Aluula frame. With roughly half the weight of standard Dacron and approximately 50% higher stiffness, the Aluula leading edge and strut make the Slick D/LAB incredibly performant and about 15% lighter.

Thanks to the refined reflex and revised Wing Tip angle, the Wing delivers a more consistent power delivery and a rapid response.

With direct steering and infinite hand placement possibilities, the Mini Boom offers tremendous benefits, whether you're just starting out or executing advanced freestyle tricks.

The Slick D/LAB features a deeper and more precise profile design, resulting in increased power and smoother response to gusts.

Though the Slick D/LAB boasts a moderate wing span for enhanced drift stability and power delivery, it still maintains a compact outline, making it accessible to smaller riders who need to keep the tips clear.

The Slick D/LAB excels in tacks and provides uplifting support for jumps. Various design features grant the Slick D/LAB positive lift, creating an easy and light feel during maneuvers and jumps of all kinds.

The new design of the Slick D/LAB brings forth elevated lift, power, and hang time. When combined with the most cutting-edge materials and construction techniques, the result is truly mind-blowing. This wing powers through lulls while riding through gusts with unparalleled balance and stability. It offers early take-off, incredible lift, and remarkable hang time during jumps. With a stable draft position and an extensive wind range, the Slick D/LAB is a breeze to rotate through the latest Freestyle tricks. Moreover, it effortlessly gets you up on the foil even in the lightest breeze and maintains predictable control even in gusty conditions.

Designer Ken Winner has crafted an exceptionally lightweight wing with instantaneous response by utilizing Aluula in the leading edge and strut, coupled with the unique MOD3 canopy. The Slick D/LAB excels in every metric with direct power when pumping, superior lift, higher jumps, and quicker rotations.

Thanks to the low stretch character of the higher modulus MOD3 fabric, the wing's shape and profile remain intact despite changing wind conditions. During gusts, you'll experience pure acceleration, allowing you to ride without the need to adjust your hand or riding position.

Compared to standard ripstop fabrics, the MOD3 canopy offers significantly improved durability and longevity, ensuring the wing remains fresh from day one.

The deep profile, refined strut, and wing tips result in maximum lift and provide forgiving and consistent power delivery. The Slick D/LAB exhibits remarkably stable flying behavior at varying riding angles and wind strengths. With well-placed windows on each side of the wing, you'll have excellent visibility and no blind spots while passing and overtaking other riders.

You'll be amazed by the lightness and effortless feel of the Slick D/LAB as it gracefully follows your line, guided by the refined front handle.

For optimal performance, pair the Slick D/LAB with our carbon Platinum or Platinum SLS boom. This combination is your ultimate ticket to unparalleled performance for both Freeride and powerful Freestyle action.


  • Increased power
  • More direct response
  • Enhanced pumping efficiency (enables earlier take-off)
  • Improved draft stability
  • Increased durability (no wearing out, less prone to breakage)


  • Modulus of MOD3 is twice as high in the warp direction
  • 3 times as stretch resistant in the bias direction (7 times less stretchy at lower loads)
  • Superior shape holding ability compared to traditional (Kite) canopy (Wing canopies face about twice the load per surface area compared to Kite canopies)

The inclusion of two small battens per side minimizes flutter and drag, enhancing upwind ability and top-end performance.

Setting up the Slick D/LAB is a breeze, and it packs down into a compact size. The new backpack not only makes packing and carrying your Slick D/LAB a breeze, but it also adds a touch of style to storage.

The window layout has been optimized for improved stretch behavior, weight reduction, and enhanced visibility.

The segmented front tube ensures a rigid center with smooth flex behavior.

The Mini Boom on center strut design offers the best of both worlds. It provides infinite hand placement and easy handling for all types of freeride and freestyle moves, while also offering neutral drift and floating ability akin to a strut wing for effortless surfing and downwinders.


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