DUOTONE Unit D/lab 2023 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

DUOTONE Unit D/lab 2023

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Introducing the Unit D/LAB, a wing that needs no introduction. It stands as the epitome of wing design and sets the standard for performance in the industry.

When it comes to riding waves, the Unit D/LAB excels with its neutral and effortless flight on the leash. It follows your lead intuitively, remaining light and stable while you surf or embark on downwinders.

One of the key features of the Unit D/LAB is its Aluula frame, which ensures minimal weight without sacrificing performance. The Aluula leading edge and strut, weighing about half as much as standard Dacron, provide exceptional stiffness. As a result, the Unit D/LAB delivers outstanding performance while being about 15% lighter.

Direct control is made possible by our rigid handles. Our unique lightweight screwed-on handle design offers the comfort and control of a boom, allowing for direct steering. Each handle provides a 26cm grip range, giving riders the ability to make quick adjustments.

Surfing on the front handle is a neutral and effortless experience with improved drift stability. The Unit D/LAB truly lives up to its reputation as the pinnacle of wing design.

Duotone Laboratories has a clear mission: to develop the best products and push the boundaries in wind sports. This commitment is evident in the Unit D/LAB, which features cutting-edge premium materials and construction technology. Only after undergoing extensive rigorous testing and surpassing all expectations does it earn the prestigious D/LAB seal of approval.

For 2023, the Aluula leading edge and strut are combined with our new MOD3 canopy, resulting in mind-blowing performance. The latest version of Aluula fabric offers unparalleled weight reduction, ride compliance, and response. This translates to a lighter wing with improved lift, drift, power, and hang time. With the Unit D/LAB, you'll experience earlier flight, higher jumps, and faster rotations.

The MOD3 Canopy efficiently channels the energy from the Aluula material, providing pure acceleration and immense power. Its higher modulus fabric holds the wing's shape with double the strength in the warp direction and three times the stretch resistance in the bias direction compared to a traditional canopy. The reduced stretch significantly enhances draft stability, power delivery, and pumping efficiency. This allows for the use of smaller wings in lighter winds, expanding the usable range of the new Unit D/LAB. Additionally, the durable MOD3 fabric maintains its crispness and freshness from day one, improving tear resistance and canopy strength.

Designer Ken Winner has made refinements to the Unit D/LAB, optimizing the dihedral angle, tip, and strut twist to enhance drift stability while surfing or performing basic maneuvers. The front handle has been reinforced to offer better stand-off and control when surfing with the wing flagged, while the window layout provides improved visibility for enhanced safety.

Our revolutionary rigid handles have transformed wing design, offering direct steering and power transfer. Riders can make quick adjustments within the grip range while experiencing the simplicity of pump-and-go. Despite its minimal size, the Unit D/LAB maintains a lightweight profile, making it easy to pack away after a session.

Although the Unit D/LAB thrives in the surf, it also excels in powerful riding, jumps, and tricks at every skill level. Whether you choose the Unit Original or the D/LAB, it is important to note that for the ultimate in performance, the Unit D/LAB is the clear choice.

Let's take a look at what you can expect when using the Unit D/LAB: more power, more direct response, better pumping efficiency for earlier flights, improved draft stability, increased durability, and a reduced risk of breaking.

Technical information about the MOD3 includes a modulus twice as high in the warp direction and three times the stretch resistance in the bias direction compared to traditional canopy materials. This results in superior shape holding ability and less stretch, ensuring optimal performance for the Unit D/LAB.

To minimize flutter and drag, and improve upwind ability and top-end performance, the Unit D/LAB features a single small batten on each side.

When it comes to setup and portability, the Unit D/LAB doesn't disappoint. It is easy and fast to set up, and it packs down small, making it a perfect travel companion. The accompanying backpack provides convenient storage and effortless transportation in style.

The front handle of the Unit D/LAB boasts a unique lightweight and stronger design, offering better stand-off and enhanced control. With its 26cm grip range, the handles provide comfort and direct steering.

Surfing on the front handle remains neutral and effortless, with improved drift stability. The window layout has been optimized for safety and comfort, and the overall weight has been reduced.

The Unit D/LAB features a tight canopy tension and finely tuned wingspan. These qualities ensure powerful and direct power delivery, enhanced drift stability, increased lift, and extended hang time.


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