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CORE Halo Pro 2024

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The Halo Pro is a high-performance wing that offers uncompromising performance. It utilizes top-quality materials and innovative construction techniques, allowing boundaries to be redefined. With its remarkably rigid airframe and flat high-speed profile, riders can experience a surprisingly sporty riding style. The Halo Pro's low weight and intuitive controls provide perfect drift and maximum control.

One of the standout features of the Halo Pro is its use of Aluula's high stiffness, which enhances the wing's core strength. This, combined with its lightweight design, allows for thinner strut diameters that can maintain their shape even under heavy loads. As a result, pumping the Halo Pro becomes more direct and effective, providing an immense amount of lift, hang time, and a heightened sensation of direct flight.

The Halo Pro also incorporates a continuous boom, a development on the two handles. The long grip surface not only makes familiar maneuvers more intuitive but also enables the exploration of new tricks. Additionally, the EVA flooring ensures a non-slip grip and comfortable hold. Underneath the surface lies an ultra-light and rigid full carbon construction, reducing weight and eliminating the need for two connectors.

The performance of the Halo Pro is greatly influenced by the minimal elongation in the profile during peak loads. The CoreTex 2 material used in different canopy segments is optimized to ensure high performance. Boasting exceptional tear resistance and excellent UV protection, CoreTex 2 makes the Halo Pro highly durable.

To maintain the perfect wing profile, even at high speeds, the Halo Pro is equipped with three carbon sail battens on each side of its trailing edge. These battens are strategically placed in an area exposed to high loads, ensuring clean outflow behavior and optimal profile guidance.

The Halo Pro features a minimalist deflate valve positioned at the center strut. This valve allows for rapid air escape during dismantling, facilitating quick and efficient wing packing. The compact design not only saves significant weight but also incorporates other essential details.

In terms of inflating and deflating the wing, the Halo Pro valve can be directly connected to pump hose bayonets, maximizing the airflow rate. Its robust design ensures exceptional durability. When it comes to ease and speed of inflation and deflation, the Halo Pro is unmatched.

In wave conditions, the Halo Pro's low weight truly shines. It maintains perfect balance behind the rider while making it easy to switch hands when changing direction. The boom allows for immediate adjustment to find the right pressure point and transition smoothly to the next wave.

Compared to the all-rounder XC, the Halo Pro features a slightly flatter profile. This allows for increased speed, leading to more dynamic take-offs. Its unparalleled agility opens up endless possibilities for creativity in wing rotations and rider maneuvers. With the lightweight yet stiff Aluula airframe and flat profile, the Halo Pro offers an incredibly broad wind range.

The stiffness of the Aluula material proves beneficial throughout the entire flight, ensuring the airframe retains its profile from take-off to landing. This enables high-altitude flights and extended hang time. The increased landing speed also allows for immediate re-engagement of the foil.

The feeling of lift and pull the Halo Pro provides during takeoff is truly captivating. It comes with a comfortable shoulder bag, manual, and repair kit. CORE wings are renowned for their durability, and the Halo Pro is no exception. With a six-year parts availability guarantee, all Halo Pro replacement parts will be stocked for a minimum of six years.

In summary, the Halo Pro is an exceptional high-performance wing that pushes boundaries with its innovative design and high-quality materials. Its rigid airframe, flat high-speed profile, and intuitive controls deliver a sporty riding style with perfect drift and maximum control. The use of Aluula's high stiffness and lightweight construction enhances performance, while features like sail battens, a minimalist deflate valve, and direct pump connection ensure optimal wing profile, easy packing, and efficient inflation and deflation. With its versatility, durability, and remarkable lift and pull, the Halo Pro is a standout wing in its class.


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