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Cabrinha Link 2024

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As passionate wingfoilers, their screens are constantly graced with images of people charging waves or taking to the skies. While these images may seem out of reach for most, with the right equipment, anything is possible.

The barrier of entry into sinker board riding has been broken with a wide range of sizes and adaptive strap mounting options.

The Link board features a recessed deck, distributed volume, and a smoothed out tail shape. This design not only helps riders get up and going but also releases back up when landing after jumps.

Some of the new features of the Link board include a recessed concave deck for more positive feedback, a pulled-in kick tail with simplified rail flow for efficiency and earlier flight, and a soft nose rail with double concave for forgiving touchdowns and softer landings.

The board also comes with an industry-standard adjustable foil mount with position indicators, a sinker board design with balanced volume distribution, and an angle adjustable 2 or 3 strap insert configuration.

The Link board is constructed using carbon hybrid materials, making it reactive and lightweight. It also comes with a full DaKine EVA deck pad and foil mounting hardware.

This board's refined and balanced volume distribution allows newcomers to venture into the next level of wingfoiling by riding lower volume smaller boards, while high-level riders can push the boundaries.

The planar deck shape of the Link board allows for direct input and control over the foil, providing a balanced feel under the rider's feet.

The beveled rails on the sides of the board not only assist with carving maneuvers but also help release water flow when getting up and riding or after a touch down.

The 3D shaping on the bottom of the board aids in touch downs by dispersing water flow and reducing water adhesion. It also helps with directional stability when not on the foil, assisting in getting up and going.

The aggressive kick tail and side release channels of the Link board allow for earlier flight by reducing board stiction to the water and facilitating water flow and release.

Riders can choose between a 2-strap or 3-strap stance option with various angle degrees to suit their riding style.

Given the unique forces found in wingfoiling, a specific wingfoil construction has been developed for the Link board. It utilizes a lightweight EPS core and a durable composite construction with bamboo and a uni-directional carbon stringer to withstand these forces.

The all-new concave deck of the Link board lowers the foot position, increasing reactivity and response. This results in a more direct feeling through the board and the most efficient power transfer to date.

The new double concave nose of the board provides not only directional stability when getting up and riding or landing, but also facilitates calculated water displacement during touch downs and jumps.

In the words of wingfoiling enthusiast Titouan Galea, "The Link is the board I use every day, from wave riding to racing and freestyling. I always liked to ride compact boards; there is nothing like having a small light board under your feet. Its narrow nose and tail make it very smooth for landing or any rail touch in the waves."

In summary, the Link board offers a range of innovative features and design elements that make it suitable for both newcomers and experienced riders in the world of wingfoiling. It's built for performance, stability, and maneuverability, allowing riders to push their boundaries and explore new possibilities in this thrilling water sport.


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