Naish Nalu GT 10’10 2016 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Naish Nalu GT 10’10 2016

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At A Glance

For those of you searching for a multi-purpose “all round” performer offering the diversity to suit numerous conditions while remaining open to positive progression, then the Naish Nalu 10.10” GT would certainly be an ideal first, go-to board.

At 10’10” the board offers a long-board “rounded nose” with a broad tail section, which lends itself well as an introduction to both SUP touring and small to medium surf riding. Also, it presents a great option for tandem riding with partners or children as the board offers fantastic stability aided by both the 31” width paired with an overall volume of 201 litres and 4”3/4 rails.

The board tracks with relative ease on both flat water and on waves due to the unique channels on the underside of the board, which run from the nose to the tail allowing for a smoother ride in choppy water surface conditions. These also actively minimise the side-slipping action of a potential beginner in waves who may not fully understand the dynamics of using and applying the necessary rail pressure of the board to generate the required rail-bite in the wave to hold its line.

Pre-fitted to allow a simple bag carrier system, the Nalu can easily accommodate a touring pannier/bag to extend the touring range or potentially allow for SUP fishing. The Nalu can also connect to a windsurfing sail thanks to the M8 mast box connector it then becomes a perfect fun family board to extend its user-friendly application even further. (Note that the M8 only applies to the GT version and is not available in the GS).

On The Water

The Naish Nalu glides very well and is relatively easy to manoeuvre despite its large volume. The underside channels help to keep it on track when paddling in a straight line, but you can quickly shift your weight back to make some tighter turns while still enjoying the immense stability the board offers. The size and volume of the board help it to achieve momentum making for easy paddling once it is up to speed.

The longboard based design offers an accessible introduction to wave riding and allows the rider to get a real sense of what is happening below board in its wave interaction. It provides a relatively simple means of catching your first wave thanks to the intelligent combination of the boards design features.

As is the case with a longboard, small to medium, gentle cresting, running waves are going to offer the best introduction as the board length, and very slight nose rocker will have a tendency to dig in for individuals who are learning to ride waves for the first time. With experience, this simple to remedy occurrence can be easily resolved by stepping back on the board once you are on the wave.

This is where the Nalu shows its true colours and is truly deceptive that a board of this size can be as manoeuvrable and agile as it is once you step on the tail. The board responds well and allows for smooth and graceful lines to be drawn with relative ease at a comfortable and manageable speed.


A dependable “all-round” performer that will ideally suit the beginner and intermediate rider who is looking for a board offering a broad range of variety while maintaining fundamental stability and providing hours of endless fun and enjoyment – the Naish Nalu 10.10” GT.


This review was in Issue 1 of Tonic Mag.

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All Round Surf - 2017
All Round Surf - 2017
By Bryn James
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