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2 days ago

Big wave surfer Mark Mathews has made a career out of seemingly defying fear at every opportunity, but, as his new Red Bull TV documentary…

3 months ago

While Willow River Tonkin is smashing out PB speed records on his wing, there's always time to catch a wave solely on his foil -…

9 months ago

Watch this on something bigger and louder than your phone! Albee Layer recently suffered a head injury at jaws. Albee shared this edit as a…

3 years ago

Sweet edit from Thailands SUP surfing sessions... I just think the music is a little hectic! Stand Up Paddle Surfing in Thailand with KiteZone Thailand,StandUp…

3 years ago

Uplifting and inspiring words from Spike Kane - literally brought tears to my eyes. I admire people with such strong will and determination. Stories like…

3 years ago

Watch this - The trailer on it's on gave me the shivers! TGI Friday, we will most definitely get a surf in this weekend! If…

3 years ago

These waves are near perfectection! So smooth, definitely quite a shallow reef though, you'd want to be careful. Hurricane Irma sent some warning pulses and…

4 years ago

This is a great safety round up from the Big Winds crew in Hood River. Safety is key in SUP and they run through some…

4 years ago

Young Canadian grom showing his skills off in the surf. Some cheeky looking maneuvers which are only going to get slicker and more powerful as…

Founded in Hawaii, Dakine makes equipment to get you from the water, to the mountain and every journey in between. #DAKINE - Trusted Since 1979. BORN IN HAWAII Dakine got its start on Maui's North Shore in1979 when our founder Rob Kaplan started making better surf leashes so his friends could ride bigger waves. From these humble beginnings, we expanded to solving other gear problems for surfing, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, wind and kite, and travel. RAISED IN HOOD RIVER Located in Hood River, Oregon, in the shadow of Mt. Hood, on the shore of the Columbia Gorge and in the heart of the Hood River wilderness trail system-riding every day is true to our being. Our reputation as a rider-driven brand is built on innovation though creating, testing, breaking, fixing and testing again. It's lead to breakthroughs large and small, from the original surf leash to the Heli Pack and the Party Bucket. NEVER DONE With a foundation built on 39 years of innovation, we're still at it. We live it. Build it. Test it. Improve it. Then find new ways to do it all over again next season. 1979 Outdoor & sporting goods company

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