Gwen le Tutour

Gwen le Tutour

Pro Rider

3 weeks ago

Damien Leroy and Gwen le Tutour just released their latest wingfoiling tutorial and in this episode, they talk us through riding backwinded; a cool way…

4 weeks ago

Gwen Le Tutour and Damien Leroy head to the beach and ask the local crew what wings and foils they ride and why.

1 month ago

Leashes break, it happens, and you're left swimming after your board. Damien Leroy and Gwen Le Tutour share their most effective body drag tips in…

1 month ago

Join Gwen le Tutour, and Damien Leroy for a light wind wingfoil and kitefoil session in Jupiter, Florida - Needless to say, the stoke level…

2 months ago

During one of the no wind days on the Cabrinha, Dakine US demo tour, Gwen took his x1950 Cabrinha foil out for a high tide…

2 months ago

Depending on your weight, any board smaller than 50 litres might be considered a sinker board. In order to get up on a sinker board,…

3 months ago

Hood River is the place to test your strong wind riding skills! The Gorge legend Ken Lucas shares his top tips on how to wing…

4 months ago

From the foil you need to the correct pumping technique, Gwen shares all the tips for learning how to dock start in his latest vlog!…

4 months ago

It can be tough to pack all your toys. Gwen Le Tutor travels from the US to France with his 4'8 Cabrinha Code board, 2…

5 months ago

A crucial part of your wingfoiling experience is choosing the right board for you, and Damien Leroy and Gwen Le Tutour share a few top…

6 months ago

Gwen and Damo are back at it, and the quest for the backflip continues! Did they land one? Find out here.

6 months ago

It is essential to switch your feet if you want to avoid riding toeside forever! Whether you do it before or after your jibe, it…


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