Jesse Richman

Jesse Richman

Pro Rider

9 months ago

The draft-forward curvature in North's new 2023 Nova generates more lift in the front of the wing, making transitions smoother and, combined with improved canopy…

10 months ago

Jesse Richman in his comfort zone! Pe'ahi, better known as 'Jaws', received its nickname after being compared to theunpredictability of a sharkattack. One of the…

2 years ago

Watch the whole crew including Olivia Jenkins, Jesse Richman, Kai Lenny and others ripping it at Jaws last weekend!

2 years ago

Gwen Le Tutour and Damien LeRoy chat to big-wave kitesurfer, surfer and now a wing foiler, Jesse Richman, as he shares his first experience on…

3 years ago

Who needs a tow-in when you've got a mate like Jesse Richman!

4 years ago

Towed through glacial canals by electric skateboards, just another road trip for North. Foil anything and anywhere with the fully modular North Sonar Foils. Find…


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