Grant Twiggy Baker

Grant Twiggy Baker

Pro Rider | 14,778

2 years ago

Check these superheroes out! Foiling not only offers a world full of possibilities but also memorable moments that remain indelibly imprinted in memories. F-ONE takes…

3 years ago

It's #wipeoutwedneday and we've got some of the most legendary surfers and crashes! 1:33 is messy! Grant Twiggy Baker, Kai Lenny, Kyle Thiermann, Manuel Resano,…

3 years ago

Check out this legend - Twiggy surfoiling in Hawaii!

3 years ago

Grant 'Twiggy' Baker is now a part of the F-One team. Check out this rad footage of him surf foiling in South Africa! Twiggy went…

Issue 5

Grant Twiggy Baker is a legendary waterman who’s just signed up with the F-One foiling program, an accomplished paddler, big wave hero and now working on his surf foil skills he’s never afraid to try something new, and that’s why we like him!

3 years ago

Grant Twiggy Baker I'm a professional surf bum who has managed to win a few events along the way to keep the dream alive. I have travelled extensively over the last 20 years to surf the biggest, best waves I can find and then take that knowledge and work with the best shapers in the world to make surfboards that perform when the waves are at there premium. Surfing, Kiteboarding, Foilboarding, SUP, and Snowboarding Sportsperson

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