Patrice Chanzy

Patrice Chanzy

Pro Rider | 1,377

2 years ago

The unique vibes you get from gliding on the board and being underwater, it's like the thrill that turns every moment into pure bliss. It's…

4 years ago

If you don't fancy the full race route, but want an efficient board that is a step up from the entry-level cruiser a good touring…

4 years ago

Inflatables have come such a long way in recent years, they now offer a real alternative for people wanting to paddle but lacking space and…

4 years ago

Hot diggity dawg! If you started SUP at the very beginning you'll be no stranger to the feeling of paddling into a wave early on…

4 years ago

Patrice Chanzy and Poenaiki Raioha making us all want to go to Tahiti again, I can hear my credit card groaning already! The Madeiro from…

4 years ago

Oh WOW! Stop what you are doing and take 5 minutes to watch this, it's got more drones than the US military, more cutbacks than…

4 years ago

Take a look at Patrice Chanzy is ripping in this edit along with Lionet Chanfour as they put the new F-One Anakao through its paces…

4 years ago

Oh. My. God. This looks incredible! F-One are known for pumping out some of the best quality movies and this one looks sublime; if you…

4 years ago

Oooooch. Check this guy going over the falls at Chopes!!! This is a really nice edit of some super stylin' SUP surfing in Tahiti. Patrice…

Issue 4

One of the pioneers of SUP in Tahiti, a lifelong waterman more at home at Teahupo’o than most we discover what makes him tick and how being there at the birth of the sport shaped his future.

3 years ago
Issue 2

A moment to thank your for reading and sharing Issue 1 and also a little bit of reflection on just how versatile and amazing this sport is!

4 years ago

Ocean lover, Barrel addict, loyaltothefoil Stand Up Paddle, Surfing, Bodysurfing , Swimming Sportsperson

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