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Pair of FacePlant Sunglasses

Oh WOW! Stop what you are doing and take 5 minutes to watch this, it’s got more drones than the US military, more cutbacks than the UK government and more barrels than the Guinness brewery! F-One launch their sublime SUP film for 2017 and it’s unreal, some of the edits in this left us scratching our heads! Packed with stunning visuals featuring Patrice Chanzy, Lionet Chanfour and Poenaiki Raioha showcasing what a paradise for SUP Tahiti is!

There are so many things we can dream about, but there is one dream which comes back in a lot of SUPers’ minds.
Palm trees, white sandy beach, chear blue water and perfectly shaped waves.

MOEMOEA has combined all the elements to present the 2017 F-ONE SUP Collection.

Mesmerized, Aude falls into a deep sleep which takes her to the different amazing sessions her friends and her have SUPing.

We are in 2017, it’s time to make your dreams come true.
So get out there and start SUPing

Mon 13th Mar, 2017 @ 5:33 pm

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