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4 days ago

We're big fans of 'Blue Planet's' wing videos. Long edits with great angles & lots of chat about technique and what they learnt along the…

1 week ago

The sun was out bright and early on the last day here at Mondial du Vent, bright and early this morning, lighting the way to…

1 week ago

We had a sopping wet morning here in Leucate on Saturday, with a thrilling 8 degrees Celsius, the perfect temperature to chill the rider's nerves…

2 weeks ago

Welcome to the first GWA Wingfoil World Tour Talk Show from Leucate at Mondial du Vent. The GWA Commentator Jo Ciastula catches up with Paula…

2 weeks ago

We had a bit of a rainy start to DAY 2 here in Leucate at Mondial du Vent. The wind is taking its time to…

1 month ago

New gear alert from F-ONE: The new foil compression Technology is an F-ONE innovation offering impressive mechanical properties making it particularly suited for foils subjected…

1 month ago

F-ONE have always made exceptionally high quality films. This one is no different. Wingsurfing at it's best, check it out! Hydrofoils provide a unique connection…

1 month ago

Discover the most complete inflatable foilboard range! Winging, SUPsurf & prone foil! The New Rocket Air range is a line of inflatable board dedicated to…

1 month ago

Antoine Auriol gives you good reasons why you should definitely consider starting Wing Foiling. Cool edit this! WATCH IT NOW