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4 days ago

Adam Bennetts and James Jenkins foil from Namotu Lefts, around to Swimming Pools and finish at the Boathouse, totalling a 1.8km lap of the island…

5 days ago

Premiering for the first time - Growing up near the Mediterranean, Eric Dargent fell in love with surfing at the age of 9. At the…

1 week ago

Weekend vibes with Adam Bennetts scoring a glorious day in Byron Bay! Footage by Ben Tayler / Scott Gillespie

3 weeks ago

Have you ever wondered how to set up your hydrofoil in the mast track? Should you put it at the front, in the middle or…

3 weeks ago

Every year, MANERA has our back for better or for worse - May 2023 be filled with gusty spots, barrels galore, rad salty sessions, and…

3 weeks ago

Join Caro Dickenson for one to remember on a sunset session in Maui!

3 weeks ago

Rou Chater reviews the new F-ONE Seven Seas 1400 hydrofoil set-up, talking through the benefits compared to the Phantom 1480.

4 weeks ago

Jacob, Martina, and Arild hit Träslövsläge, Varberg in temperatures of 5C and 2C in the water - Brrrrr!