Fabian Moser

Fabian Moser

Pro Rider

8 months ago

Featuring Willow River Tonkin, Fabian Moser, Dylan Wichmann, & Chantale Pƶttgens - CORE are excited to expand their Wingfoil range with two more progressive highlights:...

Issue 18

Fabian Moser traded Vienna's shallow and muddy waters for a photo shoot with the CORE crew in Mauritius to capture the latest wingfoil lineup. Despite missing classes and exams, exploring, surfing, and shooting produced incredible content that was undeniably worth it! Fabian shares his experience and showcases stunning shots from his team members, so get ready for some pretty cool visuals from this CORE trip to Mauritius!

6 months ago
Issue 16

Fabian Moser fills us in on his home spot in the city of Vienna, Austria. Read on find out all about winging in Vienna, or as the Germans call it: Wingen in Wien

12 months ago

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In this feature, Juli Pereyra shows us a different side of Mauritius beyond the waves. With its mixed culture, natural beauty, and positive vibes, Mauritius offers a paradise for watersports lovers seeking a detox for their minds and bodies!nnLink in…

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