Ben Beholz

Ben Beholz

Pro Rider

5 months ago

Ben Beholz shares the unfiltered truth about his recent trip to Dubai in his latest vlog - check it out!

8 months ago

Choosing gear for a new sport can be challenging, but Ben's here to help - check out his latest vlog for more information if you're...

8 months ago

Everyone needs a proper break sometimes!

10 months ago

Check out Ben Beholz's latest vlog, where he takes on another challenging mission once again. This time, he attempts to foil at an altitude of...

11 months ago

Ben Beholz - The Lucky Strike - If you watch one movie this morning... make sure it's this one!

12 months ago

Starting off the day strong with Ben Beholz's workout routine!

1 year ago

Here's Ben Beholz's latest vlog featuring the foil & kite session he's been craving and some top tips if you plan to visit Tarifa this...

1 year ago

It's time for Ben Beholz's latest vlog! His vlog begins by trying something he saw on social media... Was it worth it? Find out for...

1 year ago

One of our favourite vloggers, Ben Beholz, shares his 2022 highlights here!

1 year ago

It's no secret that Ben Beholz is hooked on foil pumping, and in his latest vlog, he shares some essential tips with us!

1 year ago

Beholz starts the day with a foil session, then a wingsurfing session, and finally, a freestyle session before heading home! Can you think of any...

1 year ago

In Ben Beholz' latest video, he walks us through the steps of nailing your first wingfoil heelside tack!


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