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Jesse Richman joins Ozone!

Bringing an incredible wealth of experience, Ozone welcomes Jesse onboard into a full-time position that sees him go beyond being just their new team rider!

“The equipment, the team, the mindset. I couldn’t be more excited to be riding Ozone. All expectations have been far surpassed after my first few sessions on the kites and wings. This is going to be wild!” –  Jesse Richman

  • Details of Jesse’s integration and ambitions at Ozone coming soon
  • Look out for detailed insights into his various gear set ups
  • Also standby for our brand new website, stacked with lots of Jesse’s advice, videos and more, launching in February

In this video, Jesse rips on:

Kite gear: Enduro V4 / Torque V3
Harness: Connect Waist V4
Wing gear: Flux / Rise / & Apex MA 800

Find it all right here!

Wed 17th Jan, 2024 @ 7:05 pm

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