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4 weeks ago

Premiering for the first time - Watch Ozonated Water here! What else do you want to do with your time but fly? Jesse's journey towards...

3 months ago

Jesse Richman joins Ozone! Bringing an incredible wealth of experience, Ozone welcomes Jesse onboard into a full-time position that sees him go beyond being just...

4 months ago

Ready for this?! Enjoy 14 days in the Philippines while warm Amihan trades blow constantly side-onshore. Join the North team as they navigate the islands...

1 year ago

The draft-forward curvature in North's new 2023 Nova generates more lift in the front of the wing, making transitions smoother and, combined with improved canopy...

1 year ago

Jesse Richman in his comfort zone! Pe'ahi, better known as 'Jaws', received its nickname after being compared to theunpredictability of a sharkattack. One of the...

2 years ago

Watch the whole crew including Olivia Jenkins, Jesse Richman, Kai Lenny and others ripping it at Jaws last weekend!

2 years ago

Gwen Le Tutour and Damien LeRoy chat to big-wave kitesurfer, surfer and now a wing foiler, Jesse Richman, as he shares his first experience on...

4 years ago

Who needs a tow-in when you've got a mate like Jesse Richman!