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7 hours ago

Sinbad and Steve winging on Maui's south shore with JD ‘FollowCam’ -  One shot / no cuts!

19 hours ago

The Fly V1 is an Intermediate wing that is also perfectly accessible for those new to this sport. Ozone took a modern design approach for…

4 days ago

Pablo Amores recently joined the Ozone crew, and we can't wait to see what the next chapter brings!

3 weeks ago

The Maui team always seems to be out on the water scoring the best sessions!

1 month ago

Johnny Heineken making it look totally effortless on a new tail wing - What wing do you use in the waves?

1 month ago

The Generic Foiling Podcast Episode 18 - Why Do We Even Bother? is out! Sitting down with James Casey last week was awesome, and we've…

2 months ago

There are endless possibilities for freeride cruising, jumping, pumping, carving the flats, riding waves or ripping as fast as possible with Ozone's Apex V1 MA…

4 months ago

Jack Galloway takes the Ozone Apex V1 MA for a spin in Poole Harbour. Read the full review in Issue 14 of Tonic Mag!

4 months ago

If there ever was a crew to go winging with, it's this crew!