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3 weeks ago

Learning to wingfoil? In Ben Beholz's latest wingfoiling tutorial, he talks us through the steps to master a jibe. Any questions? Please comment below!

4 weeks ago

We are super excited to announce the first-ever official GWA competition: the international GWA Wing-Foil Super Grand Slam. The event is held from November 10th…

1 month ago

A compilation of some of the best wingfoiling action to get you stoked for the weekend!

1 month ago

Gunnar Biniasch visits his good friend, Phil Mandeau, on the Baldeney Lake, Germany. The wind was super light, but still worth a try!

2 months ago

Check out these groms taking to the air and showing off their tricks on a wing foil! Watch Kaden Pritchard, Michael and Keala Giblin on…

3 months ago

Mateo Vargas, Nick Weighall, and Moriah Cesaretti cross Monterey Bay riding open ocean swell during over 5 hours of epic wing foiling downwind.

3 months ago

Watch Kai Lenny's Lifes Good Campaign, a global initiative that seeks to elevate diverse youthful voices that are living and sharing inspiring lifestyles.

3 months ago

Jake Pasion and Leleo Kinimaka join Alex Aguera on an Epic Maliko Run with their wings! It has been an great summer on Maui for…

3 months ago

When the wind is cranking, Mary Poppins likes to visit the quaint little town of Arlington Oregon. Located smack dap on the banks of the…