Levitaz Hydrofoils

Levitaz Hydrofoils

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1 week ago

The sun was out bright and early on the last day here at Mondial du Vent, bright and early this morning, lighting the way to…

1 week ago

We had a sopping wet morning here in Leucate on Saturday, with a thrilling 8 degrees Celsius, the perfect temperature to chill the rider's nerves…

Issue 6

It’s been around as we know it since 2015, but the origins date back much further than that. Thanks to a few dedicated pioneers the sport is going from strength to strength! We chat to Robby Naish, Raphael Salles, Tony Logosz and Rob Whittall about the boom of a sport and where it is headed. Find out about this incredible new sport and why you should get involved right here!

6 months ago

Levitaz produces high-quality Kitefoils and Kite accessories. We guarantee 100% Austrian-craftsmanship and top-quality.

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